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Attract New Patients with Dental SEO

We identify and effectively use strategies that allow your dental website to rise to the top of the search results when potential patients use search engines to find their new dentist. We focus on ethical SEO techniques that give you long-term results instead of so-called “black hat” techniques that can cause short-term gain but long-term consequences.
Cost Effective
Increase Traffic
Builds Authority
Long-Term Results

Attract a Steady Stream of Patients

Cost Effective
Dollar for dollar, SEO for dentists is probably second only to word of mouth advertising as far as affordable marketing goes. Most campaigns run in the hundreds per month vs more expensive advertising that can easily run in the thousands per month.
Increase Traffic
The top 3 results of any search query capture 75% of all traffic. If you aren’t regularly showing up in those places, you’re losing out on a lot of potential patients. SEO helps give Google the signals it needs to recommend your site over others.
Builds Authority
Google places sites that it trusts higher than sites that may not be as credible. By following their guidelines and suggestions, and building consistency throughout your digital presence, Google is more likely to place, thus promote, your site ahead of your competitors.
Long-Term Results
Dental SEO campaigns take time, but the results also last longer than most other types of advertising. Think of it like lifting weights - the more consistently you lift, the stronger your muscles get. Those muscles won’t just go away overnight, even if you skip a few days at the gym.
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Client Testimonial

I was skeptical at first, but typically 50-75% of our new patient flow comes from the "internet". We see anywhere from 30-60 new patients per month. The quality of the website is top notch, and totally customizable according to your ‘flavor’.
Dr. Whitney Gomez
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Frequently asked questions

Read through related FAQs to get answers to some of our most common questions. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

How does ongoing SEO benefit my practice?

Your initial SEO setup will give you a certain level of success – we design it that way! Our skilled team will use their knowledge combined with the most up-to-date search engine information and algorithms to provide you with the highest level of initial success possible. Proper SEO takes time. As you have probably noticed, the Internet changes constantly. New sites are added and optimized, and new dentists move into your area. They are all vying for the coveted number one search slot for the most popular searches in your area. How will you monitor and keep up with these changes?
By opting for ongoing SEO services, we can help reevaluate your market, demographics, and most effective keywords, helping you rise to the top among your competitors. By collecting data for your area, evaluating your options, and making regular adjustments, we can keep you climbing the search engine ladder and on top of the requirements of Google and other search engines so that your SEO never becomes obsolete. When you opt for ongoing SEO services, you have a dedicated team of experts working on your side to ensure that your ideal patient is able to find you in the complex web of Internet searches.

Can you give me an “SEO Guarantee”?

No, and to be perfectly frank, any ethical online marketing firm should be telling you the same thing. Google is a third party that no one, including us, has direct control over, and thus a guarantee is impossible. Some companies will make the guarantee another way. They’ll let you off the hook for payment unless they “get you on the first page.” Some SEO companies will technically win their part of the deal by getting on the first page for non-competitive terms with little visitor traffic, instead of the higher traffic search terms that would actually lead to you getting lots of new patients

We believe in aligning your economic interests with ours. We have a long track record and as many referrals as you’d like to call so you can be sure we’re going to do the work the way we describe. And we have no contracts, so if we don’t perform, you can dump us. But beware of companies offering you “guarantees.” Chances are that you’re either being overcharged to account for this or what they are willing to guarantee may not get you many new patients – which is the whole point of your website and SEO, right?

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