Our Story

In 1999, my father, Dr. Mark Gladnick, asked me whether he needed to put his practice on “The Internet.” We launched his first dental website a month or two later, and it worked well for a long time. By late 2007, my dad’s website looked outdated. Since I had moved on with my career, my dad began reaching out to some for bids on what it would cost to update his website.

It seemed outrageous to receive quotes approaching $35k for just a website – and this wasn’t even taking SEO or PPC marketing into account! I decided to rebuild his website for free. Almost immediately after starting development on my father’s new dental website, two of my uncles (also dentists) got wind of this and asked if I could make them websites, too.


An Idea Was Born: One Platform for All

Applying some of the techniques I had learned in Silicon Valley working on enterprise web applications, I came up with an idea: write one piece of software that would work for all three dental websites. We could customize each dental website with unique text, pictures, and so forth, but under the surface, everything would run on the same code.

At this point, a few of my uncles’ friends, who were also dentists, began approaching me, asking me if I could help them, too. It seemed like I had a budding business on my hands. A handful of dentists wasn’t enough to make me quit my day job, but it certainly made me think about it.

One day my phone rang 4 times at work. A few days later, I surprised my boss by telling him I was quitting my job to “make dental websites.” A few months later I moved the company to Denver.

I’m proud to say that we’ve worked with over 900 dentists in 7 countries to help them market their practices online, and we consistently add to our client base. We’re looking forward to the future and helping all of our customers continue to grow and expand their practices.

Core Philosophy and Values

We do our best to work with clients who feel GDW is a good fit for them, and we never employ high-pressure sales tactics, which is why we avoid long-term contracts. We believe in doing things right the first time and earning your business month-after-month through the high-performance results we provide.

This is why we follow the following four beliefs as our core values:

  • Honesty
  • Transparency
  • Clear Communication
  • Commitment

To Grow Your Business, We Grew Ours

If memory serves, our first holiday party had five employees (mostly part-time, too), and we served about 200 clients. Last year, we celebrated another great year with 35 employees, and we were proud to have over 800 clients on the roster. The party is one of the fun ways to see how much our team has grown and changed year to year.

Our growing team of experienced marketing coaches, SEO analysts, copywriters, and project managers are knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you achieve your practice marketing goals. We work with you month after month to ensure your specific practice goals are being addressed. To learn more about us, feel free to read through our bios!









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