Dental Marketing that Works

What's the most important part of your online presence - your website, your Google My Business profile, or your social media? That's like asking which role in your practice is the most important. You need the full team to work together to create a functional, productive practice just as you need a comprehensive and robust digital marketing suite to attract more patients.

Why digital dental marketing matters

You're likely not the only dental practice in your market. In most cases, you are probably one of many, sometimes one of dozens of practices. How you market yourself can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Not only that, the right dental marketing can help you attract the types of patients that you want to see.

Word-of-mouth marketing will probably always be your top source of new patients. But when someone asks for recommendations, they will generally ask a few friends, or maybe they post the question on your neighborhood Facebook page, right?

That person will probably look up each of the practices that were recommended to them, read the reviews, check out the website, and then decide who they want to contact. If you aren't putting your best foot forward, you're more likely to get skipped over for the practice down the street who spent time curating their digital presence.

So where do you need to be focusing your energy to make sure you aren't overlooked? The answer isn't quite one size fits all, but every practice should have, at the very least, the following:

  • A modern, user-friendly dental website
  • An optimized Google My Business profile with recent reviews and up-to-date information
  • An inviting and personalized social media presence (hint: skip the stock posts and pictures)

These 3 items form the foundation of your dental marketing suite. From there, you can build upwards! We offer a range of marketing services, from one-time services including website design or logo creation to ongoing services such as dental SEO and marketing coaching.

All of our services are month-to-month, so our interests are aligned with your business needs and goals. Check out more about our services below:

One-Time Marketing Services

Once you've decided what type of website design you want, we can help you make the site even more customized to your needs. From copywriting to helping you set up your email accounts, we'll help you create a brand that suits your practice.

A good brand starts with a recognizable logo. Complement your image your an eye-catching and distinguishable logo to use on all of your marketing - online or offline.
You can’t build on a shaky foundation. Our initial onsite optimization will create a solid place from which you can continue to build your online presence and get started on the right foot.
While you know your practice best, you may not have the time to write persuasive and effective website copy. Let our dental copywriters get into your head to write engaging content.
If content is king, video is the supreme ruler. Let your patients get to know you, your team, and your practice to persuade them that you are the right practice for them.
Our IT team will take care of the details for you and set up your email addresses so your entire office can get online with the proper branding to support your practice.

Ongoing Marketing Services

If you're looking to grow your practice, we offer a variety of marketing services to help. Talk to a knowledgeable marketing coach, let us run your SEO campaign, or take part in a customizable social media plan. Mix and match services that best suit your needs and goals.

Help patients find your practice online by utilizing search engine optimization (SEO). We'll help you promote the services that are most important to your practice.
Fill your hygiene chairs or promote your services via paid advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Advertise seasonal specials and offers to attract the right patients.
When you bring visitors from your website, do you have enough quality content to keep them engaged? Content creation (blogging) can help you keep the attention of your audience.
No one wants to see boring stock photography on their feed. We can help you avoid that. Connect with new patients and existing patients alike by keeping them engaged on social media.
Your patients’ perception is your reality. By encouraging reviews, and addressing problematic experiences early, you are building a reputation that others can trust.
Our best performing clients have one thing in common - practice participation. Learn how marketing coaching can help you stay on track and understand how your dental marketing performs.

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