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Choosing the right words can transform a simple webpage into a patient's trusted guide to dental health. At GDW, excellence in dental copywriting stems from passion, knowledge, and a deep understanding of dentistry and the patient's journey.

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Exclusive Expertise in Dental Copywriting

Have you ever read a dental website and thought, “Wow, this feels like it was written by a robot with a toothache?” Why settle for generic content when you can offer a narrative that truly reflects the heart of your practice? Unlike faceless content farms, our team at GDW is comprised of writers who excel at crafting engaging narratives—some even have career experience in the dental field! Our clinically experienced writers guide the team, ensuring accuracy and providing valuable resources for the entire team through regular collaboration.


Our Words Are Worth Smiling About

At GDW, we believe that your practice's story is as unique as the smiles you create. Our approach is personal. We assign a writer who will interview you and ask specific questions about your practice style, philosophy, messaging, and specifics about your services. Your writer becomes your voice, weaving your practice’s values, ethos, and expertise into a compelling narrative. This personal touch means content that truly resonates with your patients, telling them that you are more than just a tooth scrubber—you are a part of their healthcare and wellness journey.

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SEO Friendly

GDW prides itself on producing dynamic, SEO-enriched content that meets Google's standards. Our writers aren't just tuned into the latest SEO trends; they're constantly updating their knowledge on dental technologies, treatments, and patient care advancements to ensure that your website stands out as an authoritative beacon in the dental community.

Tell Your Story

Your dental story is unique. Whether your dentist mom was your mentor, you’re a 5th-generation dentist, or you landed on dentistry because you love the artistry of making beautiful smiles, your writer is committed to helping you develop your dental journey into a story that helps your potential patients relate to you.

Open Communication

We do more than write; we build partnerships. Our writers are readily accessible and committed to transparency. You'll have the chance to review samples, suggest edits, and approve every word before it represents your practice online. This ongoing dialogue ensures that your content is accurate and authentically yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read through related FAQs to get answers to some of our most common questions. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us. We are always happy to help.

Why are there so many words on my website?
Creating quality, original content is integral to search engine optimization – ranking higher for your area in specific searches. By providing a large amount of custom content, we are actually giving you an edge against your competitors. Many marketing companies recycle used content instead of creating new content, but Google and other search engines know the difference. We run all of our content through a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is 100% original – every time.

Once your site goes live, you own your content and can alter or add to it anytime. Our copywriters write specifically for you. Not only will your content help you rank higher in searches, but it will also provide helpful information for your patients. Your new website will reflect your personal voice and practice philosophy and help people gain trust in you before you even meet! Our professional writers are trained to deliver dental copy with professionalism and accuracy, and you will have a chance to review all of it before your site goes live.
If I decide to write my own content at first, can I change my mind halfway through?

Absolutely! No one will FORCE you to write your own copy, even if it sounded like a great idea in the beginning! This happens all the time. Dentists want to give it a shot and write their own content. And it makes sense. After all, you know your practice better than anyone, right? But when your schedule starts to overflow with heavy production, and you can’t scrape together five minutes just to fill out lab slips and shove some lunch into your face, writing 10,000+ words of website content can start to feel pretty overwhelming. We are still here for you.

Our writers can pick up where you left off. Additionally, we will write to match your voice so that your site sounds seamless. At Great Dental Websites, we work with dentists to achieve your goals. Because we intimately understand the challenges dental practices face, we remain flexible, making your needs our top priority. After we begin the process of creating your new website, we will be in constant contact with you, asking for feedback and checking in. Because your online marketing is a reflection of you, your input is essential. You can add services once you see the smooth, swift, streamlined services we provide! We know you will be impressed with the final product.

Do I have to pay monthly, or can I just pay for an occasional blog when I need it?

Whatever works best for you! Some of our clients write most of their blogs but need us to help them out from time to time. Others prefer that we maintain a consistent flow on their blogs and they write their own as time allows. Most clients find they don't have the time for consistent writing and ask us to maintain a steady flow of SEO-rich content month after month.

Do patients actually read blogs?

If you lead them to it. You can tag the blogs to the corresponding service or post them on social media for people to see them. Most patients will just skim them, but if it's something interesting, they may spend more time on them. And even if the patients aren't reading the more service-related blogs, search engines sure are. So whether patients read your blogs or not, they contribute to driving patients to your site and hopefully) into your treatment rooms.

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