Savings Spotlight with Leyton

March 8, 2022 

Did you know there is a tax credit available to Dental practices and labs impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns or hardships? If you had a full or partial shutdown or experienced a decline in revenue due to COVID-19, chances are you qualify for the Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”). 

The Employee Retention Credit, under the CARES Act, is a relief measure for businesses which encourages them to keep employees on their payroll. It is a refundable credit that offsets employment taxes and has been one of the most beneficial tax credits available to dental practices and labs that have been financially impacted by COVID-19.

Leyton has worked with over a thousand dental practices to help them receive a substantial financial benefit by claiming tax credits. Review real client case studies below. 

See how much you qualify for
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This credit will not be around for long! Book a complimentary meeting with Leyton to ensure you do not miss out on money available to you.  

Leyton is an international consulting firm dedicated to the economic, ecological and social development of all types of organizations.They have emerged as a leader in the R&D Tax Credit field, specializing in multiple industries including Dental. While there are a lot of options for these kinds of services in the market, we’ve found Leyton to be the most impressive and the best fit for our customers. They have worked with nearly two thousand dental practices and are leaders in volume, value, and quality.

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