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Product Release Update: New Mobile Navigation

We are thrilled to announce a new update to our mobile navigation across our platform! This update is designed to enhance your patients' mobile browsing experience through improved functionality and aesthetics. As a growing number of users rely on their mobile devices to access healthcare information, we want to make sure that your website is easily accessible and user-friendly for all of your patients.

What's Changing?

The new mobile nav has several updated features that are all designed to increased the mobile capability of our sites. One of the most significant changes we have implemented is the addition of a collapsible hamburger menu, which allows patients to access all of your website's main pages with just a few taps. The navigation menu has also been redesigned to use new icons and more direct brand colors in the header: 

                       Old Navigation Menu                                                         New Navigation Menu

Great Dental Websites Old Menu Navigation Mobile                  Great Dental Websites Mobile Navigation Update


Updated Icons With New Functionality 

The "Call", "Book Now", and "Map" buttons have all been replaced with new icons. The link for each of these icons is editable to fit the specific needs of your practice: 

phone.png green     Links to your click to call number contact page for multi-location practices

calendar.png green    Links to the contact page or online booking if applicable

map.png green      Links to google maps, or the contact page for multi-location practices

Customizable Icons

We have also added three new icons to the mobile nav. A credit/debit card, account, and text icon. Users can customize which of these icons will show in the mobile nav depending on the needs for their website:

pay.png green    Links to bill pay or any related payment portal 


account green     Links to login page for patient portals or accounts

text.png green    Send a text message to the practice if applicable


Activating the V2 Mobile Nav

Currently, the V2 mobile nav is only accessible for super-users on the GDW platform. If you would like to activate it on your website please reach out to our team and we would be happy to assist you. 

At Great Dental Websites, we are dedicated to providing the best possible website and user experience, and we believe that our new mobile navigation continues to help evolve your website flow. We appreciate your continued trust in us and look forward to hearing your feedback on our latest update!