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LSA Leads Now More Profitable Than Ever: A Guide to Lead Disputes

Today's competitive dental landscape has seen Google's Local Services Ads (LSA) rise as a powerful tool for many of our clients seeking budget-friendly visibility and strong patient acquisition. Previously, disputing LSA leads seemed like an impossible task, but the landscape has evolved. Google now supports LSA lead disputes, amplifying the potential profitability of these leads.

Local Services Ads (LSAs) are a type of Google ad perfect for dental practices. When people nearby search for your dental services, your LSA can pop up at the top of the Google search results. Plus, LSAs come with a Google Screened badge, building extra trust with potential patients. The best part? You only pay when someone calls your practice directly through the ad. This way, your ad dollars are going towards connecting with potential patients, not just clicks. LSAs are a fantastic platform for dentists to boost visibility, build trust, and attract more local patients.

This post presents a thorough guide on how to effectively dispute LSA leads and secure refunds for those deemed refundable by Google. When a refund is granted, it flows back into your advertising budget, nudging us closer to a business model where companies pay solely for qualified leads.

Disputing LSA Leads

In June, one of our clients successfully disputed five leads, leading to a refund of over $700 within a single month. This case clearly illustrates how lead disputes can substantially augment the profitability of LSAs. Many clients have become proactive, downloading the LSA app, vigilantly monitoring incoming calls, and preparing to dispute any that meet the designated criteria. The additional effort certainly pays off in terms of monetary benefits.

You need the mobile app before you can dispute Local Services Ads leads. The app is available on both the Android and Apple stores and you need to dispute LSAs from the mobile app at this time. 

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Here's a rundown of the six reasons you may dispute an LSA lead:

Job Not Served (Not on Your Profile) - If a lead requests a service not offered by your business or one not mentioned on your profile, you can dispute it. For instance, if your dental practice doesn't perform orthodontic services and you get a lead seeking such, you have a legitimate dispute. It's also prudent to dispute a lead if a patient has insurance you don't accept, inhibiting appointment scheduling.

Location Not Served (Zip Code or City) - Not all businesses operate in all geographical locations. If a lead comes from a city or zip code outside your service area, you can file a dispute. For instance, if your dental practice operates exclusively in New York City and a lead comes from Philadelphia, a dispute is appropriate. For any inquiries about targeted zip codes, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Wrong Number or Sales Call (Not a Customer) - Your received leads should always be potential customers. You can lodge a dispute if a call doesn't come from a potential customer but rather a wrong number or a sales call. An example is receiving a call about car insurance when you run a dental practice. Also, a dispute is advisable if your call log shows no record of the supposed 'call' reaching your practice.

Spam or Bot (Not a Human) - Sometimes spam callers or bots may slip through. If you believe a lead doesn't come from a real human user but rather a bot or spam caller, this constitutes a valid dispute. Contest this lead if you receive an automated call or spam message.

Duplicate Lead (Customer Contacted You Twice) - There may be instances where the same customer contacts you twice, and Google might bill you for both leads. In this case, dispute one of them. An example is a patient calling twice using the LSA number for a similar appointment, and Google counts it as two leads. You have a right to dispute the duplicate lead.

Incorrect Business (Lead Does Not Belong to You) - Occasionally, a lead might be trying to contact a different business entirely, or the caller may erroneously attempt to contact a different dentist. In these situations, you can dispute the lead. For instance, if your dental practice gets a lead asking for a hair salon appointment, dispute it as it clearly doesn't pertain to your business.

Disputing LSA leads ensures you only pay for leads with genuine business potential. With every LSA signup, we send you a guide on how to navigate from within the mobile app and dispute invalid leads with ease. Bear in mind that dispute outcomes are not guaranteed, as Google reviews each dispute on an individual basis. Although disputing a lead doesn't guarantee a refund, it aids in maintaining the quality of leads you pay for. 

Are LSAs Right For My Practice?

Those unfamiliar with LSAs or still need to integrate them into your advertising strategy might wonder how they differentiate from other advertising platforms. Here are some reasons why LSAs can be more effective:

Pay for Leads, Not Clicks: Unlike traditional PPC or CPM advertising, LSAs charge you based on leads. This means you're paying for tangible results - phone calls, bookings, or messages, rather than just website clicks. The cost-effectiveness of this approach can significantly enhance your return on investment.

High Visibility: LSAs are featured at the top of Google search results, even above PPC ads. This prominent placement increases your business's visibility, potentially attracting a larger audience.

Enhanced Trust: LSAs come with a Google Guaranteed or Google Screened badge, adding an extra layer of trust for potential clients. This badge signals to customers that Google has verified your business, enhancing your credibility.

Advanced Filtering: LSAs allow for advanced lead filtering based on job type and location. This ensures you're reaching the right people at the right time, increasing the likelihood of lead conversion.

Easy Tracking: With LSAs, tracking and managing your leads is easier. The LSA dashboard provides information about the leads, enabling you to evaluate your advertising strategy's effectiveness.

Lead Disputes: As discussed above, the ability to dispute invalid leads and potentially get a refund is a feature unique to LSAs. This provides additional cost control that other advertising platforms do not offer.

Overall, LSAs provide a cost-effective, highly visible, and trustworthy platform for advertising your dental practice. By only paying for actual leads and having the ability to dispute invalid ones, you have more control over your advertising expenditure, which can lead to higher profitability and efficiency. If you're currently using another advertising platform, consider the potential advantages LSAs offer. And, as always, we're here to help you navigate the switch.