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Introducing 3 New Design Themes

Is it time for a new look for your website? We just released 3 new pre-designed themes that are ready to be applied to your existing website with GDW!

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Optimal (left), Pristine (center), Eclipse (right)

Theme 1: “Optimal”

This theme has actually been in use for a few months now, and we wanted to bring more attention to it because it is such a great fit for areas with slower internet speeds or extremely high mobile traffic. Plus, it’s gorgeous! The lightweight aspect of the design removes the animations that you see on many of our designs. While animations can be eye-catching, keeping your imagery static increases load speeds for your visitors which is particularly essential in areas with slower internet connections. “Optimal” is the perfect design choice for those situations!

Color options currently available:

  • Navy blue

Theme 2: “Pristine”

This fresh, airy design makes navigating the website a breeze. With simple calls-to-action and a side-by-side text and banner image area, this design is the perfect choice for dental practices who want to keep a clean aesthetic without sacrificing design.

Colors options currently available:

  • Sky blue
  • Pastel orange
  • Soft green
  • Lavender
  • Sunflower yellow

Theme 3: “Eclipse”  

With dark mode the favorite of many technology users, we were excited to add a new color option for our gallery. Eclipse brings a bold color palette to our offerings, keeping the eyes focused on the text and calls-to-action. It’s perfect for modern offices with a younger patient base!

Colors options currently available:

  • Ice blue
  • Light purple
  • Deep gold
  • Lava red

How to Activate Your New Theme

To get started on your new design, contact your marketing coach or our support team (support@greatdentalwebsites.com), and we can walk you through your options!