Client of the Month - Dr. Sanjay Karunagaran

Megan Baulesh
October 21, 2019 
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Dr. Karunagaran

At GDW, we like to spotlight the incredible achievements of our hard-working dentists who not only provide exceptional service to their clients but also exceed expectations when it comes to marketing. This month, we’re proud to introduce Sanjay Karunagaran, located in Medina, OH.

Dr. Karunagaran is a prosthodontist who can provide a wide range of dental procedures ranging from routine dental check-ups and cleanings to complex oral surgeries. He is devoted to his practice and patients, and it shows! After opening his dental office doors in June 2018, Dr. Karunagaran knew he wanted to provide general dentistry alongside surgical procedures like dental implants and dentures that require extensive training.

GDW paired up with Dr. Karunagaran to provide assistance and expertise on marketing his new dental practice. He was incredibly invested throughout the entire process, working closely with his project manager and copywriter to increase his presence and allow his spirit to shine through. Working with Dr. Karunagaran has proven to be a pleasant experience due to his kind and compassionate nature, along with his appreciative responsiveness. Any suggestions we provide are taken seriously, and he consistently delivers on time.

Throughout his marketing campaign, he remained an integral part of the process by listening to our GDW team and being receptive to new ideas. When we suggested that he post to online forums to increase backlinks and his online presence, he understood our suggestions and ran with them. It is always a pleasure to work with a client who is always friendly and cooperative, on time for calls, and incredibly receptive to our recommendations!

We are pleased that his website reflects his hardworking and engaging nature. Please visit Dr. Karunagaran’s website here:

Megan Baulesh
A Denver native and graduate of the University of Colorado, Megan holds her MBA and is a member of the Project Management Institute. In addition to a decade in the Digital Marketing industry, Megan is involved in the Junior League of Denver's Read2Kids committee. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, wine, and playing outside with her daughter, Vivien and husband, Eric.

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