May Client of the Month – Dr. Joe Osterbauer

Kristine Grey
May 23, 2018 
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The best clients to work with are the ones who are committed to playing a role in their own successful online marketing campaign. Dr. Osterbauer’s team at St. Anthony Village Dental Care has a passion for ensuring their success online.

Ongoing Site Improvements

Most recently, we have worked with Dr. Osterbauer to start a referral program (with airline prizes!) and expanding aspects of his website content to reach more people online.

  • Patient Info Section
  • New Patient Page
  • Regular Blogging

Account Management

Working with an account manager at Great Dental Websites means that you have a partner in your online marketing goals. We continually evaluate the website and see where we can fill in gaps, expand content, reach out to ideal patients, and bring new patients to your dental chair.

Dr. Osterbauer also fully understands that websites are about more than just traffic. By enhancing your content and providing valuable information, your practice becomes a cornerstone in your community for professional knowledge, which can contribute to your outstanding reputation in your local area where most of your patients will come from.

According to Vinnie, Dr. Osterbauer’s account manager here at Great Dental Websites, working with Colleen and Christine from St. Anthony Village Dental Care is great. They are eager to improve the site, and their monthly calls are productive and enjoyable.

Congratulations, Dr. Joe Osterbauer and team for your commitment to your practice and for being such a pleasure to work with!

To learn more about the services we provide, including account management, SEO, and website design, call us on 720-399-7071 or visit us online.

Kristine Grey
Originally from Pontiac, Michigan, Kristine began writing as soon as she could hold a pen. She developed her lifelong passion for words during college, earning degrees in creative writing and philosophy, and graduating with honors. Coming from a dental family, Kristine spent ten years managing her family’s dental practice, which specialized in full-mouth cosmetic cases and nonsurgical TMD treatment, before joining the GDW team in 2013. Kristine lives in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, with her husband Ralph and two mischievous Jack Russell terrier rescues. They adventure together most weekends, exploring the country in their vintage 1978 camper.

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