Offering ongoing support to maintain momentum for your online marketing.

Account Management

Offering ongoing support to maintain momentum for your online marketing.

If you are like many of our clients, you already know that having a website is a great way to introduce potential patients to your practice. Super!

…. Now what?

We have all seen dental websites that become stagnant over time and reach a point of diminishing returns due to outdated information or just a lack of that shiny newness it once possessed.

At Great Dental Websites, part of our mission includes keeping your dental website trained for peak performance in the online marketing world. Our team, which includes SEO, content, and marketing experts, puts our heads together regularly to find ways to help your online presence continue to impress new and existing patients.

Our account management service is more than just advice in a clunky, wordy newsletter full of terms you don’t understand or have time for. Account management offers personal, one-on-one practical action that you can take each month to increase your website traffic.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Our team consists of educated, experienced software developers, website designers, content writers, SEO experts, and project managers all skilled in the art of website creation specifically for dentists. We suspect that at this point you are picturing a group of pale-looking computer geeks with bloodshot eyes and half-full coffee mugs on an IV drip. That’s not us at all! What sets us apart from many website and marketing organizations is that we all love working closely with people and enjoy engaging with our clients regularly so that we can provide highly personalized service.

Our monthly coaching calls, included in our account management service, allow us to connect to the heartbeat of your practice and to put our analytic tools to practical use instead of letting the information become stale and crusty.

We can discuss areas where you can improve your website and online presence immediately as well as what to shoot for in the future. We can help you stick to a concrete action plan to update your content and show how you can use videos, Facebook, Twitter, Google, and other online tools to attract the quality patients who are seeking you.

Practical Marketing Action Plans

Because you are running a dental business and online marketing is only one piece of that complex structure, we will provide direct, to-the-point, manageable ways to work on your online presence each month. We can also discuss ways you can improve on current tasks and keep you informed of new standards and changes to how search engines rank your site.

By incorporating account management into your ongoing services, you never have to feel like you do not know where to start. We will guide, educate, and train you through each step.

Contact Us to Learn More about Account Management

Whether you have a website with us already or you are exploring your options for a new website, contact us to learn more about how we can keep your website sharp when it comes to cutting through the complexities of online marketing for your dental practice.

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