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Technology in 2021: Is Your Dental Office Safe and Savvy?

The dental world is always advancing and evolving, and the good news is, so is dental technology. With recent advances in dental technology, it’s easy to make your patients’ experiences at your dental office more comfortable, efficient, and even spa-like, in some cases.

There are also great solutions for dentists to make their offices safer in light of the constantly changing situation with Covid-19.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular leading-edge technology, and also some equipment that’s emerged from the challenging health climate of 2020 and 2021 that you might want to consider for your dental practice if you haven’t already.

3-D Printing, Scanners, and X-Rays

Dental Office Technology3A 3D Printing

3-D imaging and digital impressions have been a staple for many dental practices over the last few years; however, 3-D printing is also emerging as a popular medium for many dentists.

With a 3-D dental printer, you can make everything from clear plastic orthodontic aligners to night guards to partial and complete dentures.   

Not as new to the dental scene is the 3-D digital scanner, which makes capturing impressions of your patient’s teeth more accurate and comfortable. Scanners can even communicate with your trusted dental lab to send images of your patients directly to them, making the crown process even more efficient.

The rise of 3-D x-rays over the years has helped dentists with guidance for implant placement, tooth extractions, root canal treatment, and many other dental procedures.

Dental Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Dental Office Technology3A Artificial Intelligence

Dental AI can mean everything from voice command technology to dental robotics. AI is rapidly changing the landscape of dental technology.

With dental technology, patients can enjoy a more simplified scheduling process online, making staying current with their recare more convenient. AI technology also makes it easier for dentists and their staff to provide an exceptional patient experience.

Features like voice command for imaging machines and virtual dental assistants can help dentists be more efficient and effective in treatment planning and implementation. Dentists may even have help with simple procedures in the future with the development of dental robots.

Technology to Keep Your Office Safe from Viruses Like COVID-19

Dental Office Technology3A HEPA Filter

With the onslaught of the pandemic, 2020 brought about a whole new system for practicing dentistry while keeping yourself, your patients, and your staff members safe from contagious viruses like COVID-19.

Many dentists upgraded their air filtration systems in 2020 with products like HEPA filters or air purifiers in their HVAC systems. Ultraviolet sterilization (UV-C) is another effective and chemical-free way to eradicate viruses and bacteria.

Reducing aerosols decreases the spread of viruses in your dental office. HEPA air suction uses high-volume suction to remove aerosols and then filter them through a HEPA filter. Dental evacuation mirrors also combine the same high-powered suction with a dental mirror that provides viewing and retraction.

When you stay updated on the latest techniques and incorporate advanced technology into your practice, it shows your patients that you are committed to their best interests and that you strive to provide them with an exceptional experience each time they visit you.