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Software Update: Multi-Location Organization

As we start to see more clients with multi-location practices, Great Dental Websites has made several improvements to make the platform more accommodating to these practices. 

One of our most recent initiatives included an overhaul of our header and footer areas of the website to create an adaptive and a more user-friendly experience for multi-location dental offices.


Our multi-location clients now have two options for a layout: 

The first option is the multi-location Bar. This option shows a bar below the main header content with the name of each location, the phone number, and the address. This option will look best with 6 or less locations. The location will form rows of three and center the last row if there is any less than 3. 

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The second option is the multi-location button. This shows a button in the header that says “Our Locations” that leads to the contact page. This page will include each individual location's contact info. If the site has more than 6 locations, or if the client wants a cleaner looking header, the multi-location button layout may be a better fit. The button utilizes the call-to-action color of a site, so it stands out in the header to the user. 

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For the footer area, we added a new layout option called Slim and Map. 

This option is different from our other options because it allows for a map to be displayed with the individual location contact information. This option can support as many locations as the site has, with a 4 location max per line.


You may notice that this map style eliminates many of the footer links that were towards the bottom. The decision to remove those links makes the footer cleaner and less cluttered. As a way to give users more direction, we added in a mini version of the navigation bar right above the footer. This bar does not have dropdowns enabled so it only reflects the top level navigation of the site. 

In addition to the new layout, we also made an update to how the social media icons are displayed in the footer. If each location has its own separate social media pages, those social media links will be shown below the contact information for that specific location. 

However, if you only use one social media page for all your locations, those social media links  will instead show collectively below all the locations. 

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To apply these changes to your header or footer, please reach out to your contact at GDW.

If you are a support client or are unsure who your contact is, please see the below contact information:

Great Dental Websites Support Team

US: support@greatdentalwebsites.com - (720) 399-7071

AU: support@greatdentalwebsites.com.au - +61 2 8014 2522

We are excited to share these changes with you and we are always open to and looking for feedback on our platform so please don’t hesitate to contact us if there’s anything you would like to suggest.