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New Year, New Specials

2021 has almost arrived, and this is a great time to be thinking about some New Year’s specials that you can start, even in December, to kick off your year with some increased profit.

Let’s Meet Some New Patients in 2021!

New Year2C New Specials3A New Patients

If you’re looking to increase your new patient count each month, and let’s face it, who isn’t, you may want to consider running a new patient special in January.

The new year is an excellent time for resolutions, and many people make them about improving their health. A couple of blogs during January about the importance of dental health and how it relates to overall well-being is educational for your patients and can help you set the tone for 2021.

A special that gives new patients a savings or even a free procedure (think x-ray or examination) can be the extra encouragement your new patient needs to call you and make their first appointment.

Pro Tip: You can even keep your new patient special running in February by incorporating it with Valentine’s Day. Consider slogans like, “Take Care of the Ones You Love,” or “Protect Your Health for Your Family.”

You Can Start Some Specials in December

New Year2C New Specials3A December Specials

Use December as a kick-off to the new year with specials on services that boost confidence and promote the holiday spirit, like teeth whitening, Invisalign, or free cosmetic consultations for patients looking to make changes to their smiles. Promote your specials with the idea of improving your smile for 2021 or making the changes to your smile you’ve always wanted for the new year.

Does your dental office sell products like electric toothbrushes – perhaps Sonicare or Oral B? December is an excellent time to offer discounts on these products that patients may even want to use as gifts for friends and family. Consider discounting products or offering appealing gift bundles like take-home teeth whitening with a new electric toothbrush for a great price.

The Special You Should Always Have Running

New Year2C New Specials3A Referral Program

If you don’t have a referral rewards program set up for your practice, it is high time to start one. Your favorite patients are the best resource for bringing other excellent patients into your practice.

These are the type of people you want to take care of, so ask your best patients this question the next time they’re at your office: “Do you know someone who might benefit from great dental care like the kind we give you?” Follow that with “We’d love to meet them!”

Next, set up an enticing reward to thank them for referring their friends and family, such as a savings or discount on their next dental procedure or a free take-home teeth whitening kit when their referral completes their first visit.

Once you have a referral rewards program in place, be sure to tell your patients about it. Post it in a monthly blog or include it in your newsletter. If you’re not doing that type of marketing, send a mass email or letter to your patient base to get them excited about referring their friends and family.

Don’t miss out! Make the most of December by taking advantage of the anticipation of a brand new year to generate some excitement about your dental practice with some end of year specials.