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Dental Marketing Calendars: Planning Marketing Efforts for Your Practice

Let's talk about something that could make dental marketing feel less like pulling teeth and more like a well-coordinated dance – a marketing calendar! This tool will help you in strategizing, implementing, and overseeing your marketing endeavors, guaranteeing a uniform message across campaigns while making sure you don't miss another patient marketing opportunity.

More Than Just a Schedule

Whether you are a practice owner or office manager, leveraging your time spent on marketing efforts is paramount. By glancing at your marketing calendar, you'll instantly know which marketing channels are active, what strategies are in motion, and how much of your “budget” is being assigned to each marketing campaign. Your marketing efforts are spread across various channels – from social media to email campaigns. A calendar keeps them all in one place, making tracking and monitoring a breeze.

What to Plan For


Ongoing Dental Marketing Campaigns

Your dental marketing calendar is basically a buffet of strategies, color-coded to avoid confusion. Think of it as a cheat sheet that covers a variety of topics:

Paid Advertising

Plan out your paid advertising campaigns to attract the right patients through strategic placements. Whether it's pay-per-click ads, local services ads for dentists, social media boosts, or sponsored content, having a designated slot in your calendar ensures your promotions hit the bullseye.

Email Marketing

Stay out of the spam folder and get into your patients' hearts with well-timed email campaigns. Design captivating newsletters, promotions, and updates to keep your patients engaged and informed about your practice's latest offerings and specials.

Social Media Posts

Your practice's online presence matters more than ever. Plan a series of attention-grabbing social media posts that not only showcase your expertise, but also create a meaningful connection with your audience. From informative videos about your services, to behind-the-scenes glimpses featuring the personality of your staff, your social media calendar is the key to staying relevant.

SEO Content

Want to be the first thing patients see organically when they search for dental services? It's all about SEO-friendly content. Craft informative blog posts, infographics, and videos that cater to your audience's questions and concerns. A solid SEO content plan ensures your practice shines on search engine result pages.

Practice Specials & Events

Every practice has its spotlight moments. Whether it's a teeth whitening special or a charity event, planning ahead ensures your audience knows about it well in advance and can plan accordingly. Use your calendar to build anticipation and excitement around these special occasions.

Relevant Patient Milestones

Reminding or congratulating your patients about personal milestones can be an excellent way to keep them engaged with your practice. Remember and engaged patient usually is a returning patient. By scheduling these reminders in advance, you can ensure that each of your patients is receiving the personal attention that they deserve (and the warm fuzzy they crave).

Patient Birthdays

Who doesn't love a birthday surprise? Make your patients feel extra special by scheduling personalized messages, offers, or discounts for their birthdays. A little gesture can go a long way in building strong patient relationships and loyalty.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment reminders are a win-win for you and for your patients. They help not only keep your patient on track, but can cut down on no-shows and wasted bookings. Automate a friendly reminder each month to keep your books full and your patient's dental health on track.

Relevant Milestones

Do you have a pediatric patient who just lost their first tooth? Be better than the tooth fairy and congratulate them! Drawing attention to relevant milestones in a patient's journey can be a fun and original way to connect with your patient base. 

End-of-the-Year Reminders

Remind patients to utilize their benefits before they expire. Express gratitude for their loyalty and highlight the value of their continued partnership.

We're Here to Help!

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of crafting a stellar dental marketing calendar? GDW is here to help you!

Whether you're looking to revamp your social media strategy, fine-tune your email marketing, or optimize your SEO content, we've got your back. Our experts specialize in turning dental practices into marketing powerhouses. From brainstorming creative ideas to providing expert insights, we're here to make your dental marketing journey smoother and more successful.

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