How to Craft an Engaging “About Us” Page for Your Dental Practice

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July 19, 2021 
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The “About Us” page doesn’t get as much attention as the “Home” page. It doesn’t get as much special consideration as the “Contact Us” page. And it’s not as fussed over as the “Services” page. However, the “About Us” page is, perhaps, the second most important page on your dental practice’s website. 

Ranking just below your “Home” page, your “About Us” page is where you start to build trust with your audience. You can tell your story and build a connection with your prospective patients. While the “About Us” page is usually an afterthought for most practices, don’t underestimate the power of this page. It has the power to persuade prospective patients to book with you.

Let's discuss why your “About Us” page matters and how to write an effective one for your dental practice's website. 

Why Your “About Us” Page Matters

Why should you worry about creating an “About Us” page for your dental practice's website? Do your patients really care about your practice’s history or your background?


When it comes to dentistry in your area, your prospective patients have a lot of options. With all other factors (such as price, location, and services offered) being equal, the only thing that will separate you from competitors is your story. Who you are. Why you exist. Your history makes your practice unique, and here’s why that matters.

Your “About Us” Page Gives You a Chance to Define Yourself

Instead of passively allowing reviews, or the lack thereof, to define your practice, you can take control of your identity. Take this opportunity to tell prospective patients who you are. What do you believe in? What is your driving mission? Why did you start the practice? What led your team members to dentistry? 

Your “About Us” page gives you the chance to tell your story in your own words.

Your “About Us” Page Allows You to Connect With Your Audience

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If your prospective patients believe that your practice shares their same core values, they’ll choose you over your competitors. 

There are many core values when building a practice, including authenticity, compassion, dependability, kindness, optimism, responsibility, and so on. There’s no right or wrong answer, but your core values will attract the “right” patients to your practice. People want to support businesses that reflect their own guiding principles. And they’ll discover who you are as a practice, including your core values, by reading your “About Us” page.

You Can Convert More Patients With Your “About Us” Page

Your visitor probably won’t land on your “About Us” page first. However, your “About Us” page can help you convert a visitor into a new appointment/ prospective patient. 

Website visitors will often click on your “About Us” page after reading your “Services” page. The contents on your “About Us” page will help your prospective patient decide whether or not to choose you over your competitor. 

People connect with other people. And your “About Us” page is populated with photos and bios of the real people that the patient will likely encounter. Your “About Us” page has a major impact on whether or not people will book with you.

Tips to Create an Effective “About Us” Page

Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why you need an optimized “About Us” page on your dental practice’s website, let’s discuss how to create one.

Make Your “About Us” About Them

Think your “About Us” page is about you? No. Actually, it’s about your patients. 

While you may be sharing information about yourself and your team, write the “About Us” page directly to patients (i.e., pretend you’re having a face-to-face conversation). Keep it casual, relatable, and friendly because it’s a web page that’s written to your patients and isn’t a resume for future employment. 

Acknowledge your patients throughout your “About Us” page. Let them know that you care about them and that they’re the reason you’re in business.

Explain Why You Started Your Practice

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Humans love stories. It’s how we’re wired. So, when creating an “About Us” page, don’t simply rattle off a list of career milestones and achievements. Instead, share a collection of stories, such as why you decided to pursue a career in dentistry and what inspired you to create your practice. Instead of platitudes, use actual stories to communicate your message.

Highlight Your Entire Team

Your practice isn’t just powered by doctors. Your practice is made up of an entire team, and they should be acknowledged on your “About Us” page. Everyone includes your dental assistants, hygienists, appointment coordinator, business manager, and receptionist, just to name a few. Give prospective patients a brief introduction to your office staff so that they’ll know who to expect when they visit your office. 

Explain What Sets You Apart

In your “About Us” page, discuss your unique value proposition. This is something special you offer to your patients that sets you apart from all other dentists in your area. 

Your unique value proposition may be your core values. But it can also be your business model, such as being open on the weekend or after hours. 

Be sure to call attention to that unique value proposition in your “About Us” page. Explain, preferably in story form, how you developed your unique value proposition.

Share Social Proof

Your “About Us” page is a great place to share patient testimonials and reviews for your dental practice. You can intermix glowing reviews with bios for a major impact. Also include any press mentions in your “About Us” page.

Use social proof to prove that your and your team are trustworthy.

Add Photos

Photos add visual interest to your page and increase the amount of time that visitors stay on your page. (Believe or not, the time spent on your page can impact your website’s visibility on search engines.) 

However, there’s another good reason to add photos to your “About Us” page. Photos are connectors. Prospective patients want to see who they’ll potentially encounter during their appointment. Seeing your smiling faces ahead of time reduces the intimidation factor of visiting a dentist.

Share Your Social Media Links

While you should add social media links on your “Contact Us” page, don’t miss the opportunity to promote your social channels on your “About Us” page, too. If your team members have their own social media accounts, link to them here, too. 

If you don’t want to promote individual social media links on your “About Us” page, you can plug your main social media account here, too. 

Focus on the Facts

Your “About Us” page isn’t a sales page. Strip away the sales hype and lean on the facts to explain why a prospective patient should pick you. List your credentials, certifications, and any awards you or your practice may have earned.  

Consider Your Larger Audience

Your “About Us” page is the perfect place to reveal more bits about yourself, including your beliefs and motivations. 

However, be careful to not alienate prospective patients. Sharing too much about personal or religious beliefs may make some people feel un-welcomed or intimidated. 

Dial back mentions of your religious or personal beliefs to one or two sentences (at the most). 

Final Thoughts

Your “About Us” page is one of the most important pages on your site. Use the above tips to create an engaging page that reflects your brand and converts more visitors into patients.

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