Leyton is an international consulting firm dedicated to the economic, ecological and social development of all types of organizations.They have emerged as a leader in the R&D Tax Credit field, specializing in multiple industries including Dental. While there are a lot of options for these kinds of services in the market, we’ve found Leyton to be the most impressive and the best fit for our customers. They have worked with nearly two thousand dental practices and are leaders in volume, value, and quality.

Our partnership's goal is to provide an avenue for our customers to benefit from significant tax savings they may not even know they are qualified to receive. The R&D Tax Credit is a government incentive that rewards the field of dentistry for improvements to existing techniques, or testing and experimenting with new materials.

Partner Features:

Receive Cash Back to Your Practice
Paperwork Done by Leyton
upcoming webinar: July 15th 2021

Find out how to save your practice $50k+ in minutes

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Ready to use your Leyton cash-back money to build a dream site?

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