Partnership Selection

Like you, we want to help our clients to build and grow successful dental practices. We also know that each client has to select multiple vendors and companies in order to do so. 

That's where partnerships come in. We carefully vet and explore each partnership opportunity to ensure that our company values and expectations are aligned so we can proudly and confidently promote services and vendors to our clients.

Not sure if we're aligned? Check out our core values below:

Clear Communication

Types of Partnerships

We are proud to offer 3 types of partnerships so you can find the best solution for your company and client needs. Each type of partner receives access to collateral and materials, a customized partnership guide for your team, and support from our internal team whenever you have questions or need help. If you aren't sure which one fits best, let's chat! 

Referral Partner

This is the best fit if:
You're looking for a website and marketing company that you can trust to take care of your clients. We'll send you materials to help educate your clients, and a check for each referral that becomes a mutual client!

Industry Partner

This is the best fit if:
You're looking to be more involved in the process, including creating cobranded materials and cross training sales teams to fully understand the benefits and offerings of each company.  

Premium Partner

This is the best fit if:
You're looking to go all-in with GDW. We'll work on collaberative marketing campaigns and outreach opportunities,  create unique packages and/or discounts for mutual clients, and identify long-term opportunities. 

Frequently asked questions

We know we aren't the only dental website and marketing company, but we want to be the one you call when your clients need help. From the beginning, we've aimed to create a product that only improves with time. Our unique, dental-specific platform has helped well over a thousand practices to grow by
attracting new patients.

By referring your clients to us, you're making it easy for you and your client(s) to promptly receive quality, honest, and transparent services.

If we haven't answered your questions, contact us for more information. We're more than happy to chat.

What type of practice to you best serve?

If we could pick one type of practice to serve over and over again, it would be one where we are able to regularly connect with someone in the office. It doesn't matter as much about the size, specialty, or location, it's more about the willingness of the client to participate in their own marketing and website growth. Our clients perform best when they are actively involved in their progress.

How do I know you're going to take care of my client(s)?

Our company has grown to what it is today mainly via word-of-mouth and referrals. In order to support and maintain this growth channel (and our 92% annual retention rate), we have to continuously keep a solid reputation, meaning we will not only be honest with potential partners and clients upfront (no one company is right for everyone!), but we will do what is right by our clients and partners when problems arise. Oh, and our contracts are all month to month, so your clients aren't locked into any lengthy contract. 

What type of compensation is available?

That depends on the partnership! Referral partners get a check cut every time one of their referrals becomes a client of GDW, while the other 2 types are much more open to discussion.

Do we have to be exclusive?

We know there are a few jokes about dating here we could bring up, but we'll keep it more dental focused. To keep it short, no, we don't have to be exclusive partners. As a Referral Partner, we don't even broach that topic. For Industry and Strategic partnerships, we'll figure out what makes sense for not only our companies, but our respective clients.

Our Partners Include...

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