I didn’t intentionally get involved using GDW for pay-per-click. I thought I had read enough about pay-per-click advertising that I could manage it myself. But Jeff and his staff had done such a great job with my website that I was kind of relieved to hear that they would manage a campaign for me. I’m glad I did! Jeff and Wendy helped me customize a campaign that was active at times that were most beneficial for my practice, and inactive at other times. They also set up different campaigns to attract different types of patients. The best part is my conversion rate has been very high – most patients who visit my website find the information they were looking for and are motivated to schedule an appointment because Jeff’s team did such an excellent job putting together my website...Jeff’s services have really helped my startup get off the ground, I can’t believe how many people have chosen my FFS office because of my website and PPC campaign. I’m very grateful that I made that first call to Great Dental Websites!”

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