Your site stays current with our latest updates and all information is backed up securely.

Website Hosting & Maintenance

Your site stays current with our latest updates and all information is backed up securely.

Jeff, the owner and founder of Great Dental Websites, created our software with you in mind.

As someone who grew up around dentists, he got an earful during each Thanksgiving dinner about how most website building tools were just not designed with the needs of a dental practice in mind.

He decided to change this so he could finally enjoy his holiday meals in peace and impress his family and friends (if you know Jeff, this makes perfect sense).

Since 2007, we’ve designed our dental website software to make your job easier and to help guide the patients you want to your dental practice.

As our client, you get:

Unlimited Support and Training from a Fun and Ridiculously Intelligent Team

Are you tired of calling for help and being transferred three times until you end up with someone who is completely unhelpful and maybe not so smart?

Yeah, us too. It’s annoying. Biggest. Pet peeve. Ever.

So we have something for you!

You will receive training and support from actual intelligent humans who use this software every single day! Yes, it’s true. You will be able to call our office and actually talk to someone who can help. Every time.

You’re welcome.

You will also be able to:

  • Update your website content
  • Add and remove team members
  • Update your photos.
  • Keep your blog up to date
  • Update your hours

And much more!

With our software, we put you in control of your website. You do not have to call to request a change (but if you want help or just miss us, we will be here!).

Ongoing Upgrades

We don’t just give our new customers the fancy bells and whistles. Whenever we implement a new upgrade, you benefit! You will receive upgrades, at no additional charge, as they roll out so your site is always up to date.

Other Benefits of Our Dental Website Hosting

Great dental website function – Just like a successful full mouth case, you can expect website details to look fantastic and function perfectly, giving you added comfort with use and confidence in your masterful website abilities. We have made it THAT easy for you!

Expertise and experience – We have worked with over 600 clients to design websites that reflect their unique needs and practice style.

Actual support from our humans – We never leave you fending for yourself in the dark caverns of website maintenance. We offer training and support so you can keep your site updated and relevant. You no longer have to stare at last year’s Mission of Mercy or Smiles for Life photos feeling helpless to update them even though your hygienist is making a weird face in every photo.

Regular Off-Site Backups

It’s probably the worst nightmare of most people who decide to move forward with a new website – losing it all!

So much work, time, and effort – gone!

You don’t have to worry about sleepless nights because your website is safe with us. We wrap it in bubble wrap and packing peanuts and then store it safely away three times daily in four different off-site locations. Two is standard; four is just being paranoid. We overprotect it so you never have to lose sleep over lost data.

Reliable Website Hosting

Your practice depends on a functioning, up-to-date website that consistently drives new patients to your business. A website that is constantly down, loses data, or is slow and out of date can really put a damper on your image. What is the point of having the most modern dental equipment in your office if your online presence says you’re stuck in the 1990s?

Contact Us to Get Started

Let us show you the way to a website that looks amazing and actually works. We offer stand-out marketing and website design in a world where getting your piece of the competition pie depends upon technology.

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