Are you ready to be the pioneer for your own website? We offer guidance to help you create your own web presence.

DIY Options

Are you ready to be the pioneer for your own website? We offer guidance to help you create your own web presence.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and a new website is a great place to help your potential new patients find you. But we recognize that custom website design and content may not be accessible for everyone right away.

Whether you are a new dentist starting a practice and trying to stay within a budget or you just want to create a presence on the web with a small investment, our Do It Yourself options may provide the answer you are looking for.

DIY Web Design

With our DIY web design, you can work at your own pace, adding images, videos, and reviews on your own. We offer themes that allow you control over colors and images so you can personalize your new website yourself and ensure it is dynamic as your practice grows.

When you opt for DIY design, we will provide the training necessary to help you create an attractive, functional website that will connect people to your practice.

DIY Copywriting

Original content is king when it comes to ranking well in search engines such as Google and Yahoo. We will provide some basic guidelines to help you get started as you add services, frequently asked questions, and staff member profiles to your site.

The amount of content you add is entirely up to you. You can include basic services initially and then add more content as your practice expands.

Like the web design, we will provide training and some “best practices” to follow so that you get the most out of your website.

How Long Will It Take?

With DIY website design and copywriting, it just depends on how motivated you are to complete your project. We know that being a dentist keeps you busy, but your timeline will depend upon you and your team, if you choose to enlist their help.

The good news is that you can get the basics taken care of in a day or two and add the rest of the content when you have time.

What if It Is Too Much?

Sometimes a client initially wants to try DIY but realizes that it is not really possible with their schedule. Other times, a client finds that they do not feel confident in their copywriting skills once they realize the amount of content that is required for search engine optimization.

Never fear! You can always change your mind and add in custom content or design. We will guide you through the process and help you make decisions that make sense for your practice and your budget.

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