What makes you rise above your competitors? Custom content reflects the skills, services, and patient care you offer.


What makes you rise above your competitors? Custom content reflects the skills, services, and patient care you offer.

We employ well-educated, professional writers to create focused, intelligent content that helps you stand out!

The key to a compelling dental website is creating original copy (meaning you won’t find it on any other dental website) that not only impresses potential patients, but impresses Google’s algorithm as well.

Great Dental Websites provides customized copywriting services so each dental website’s content is unique, accurately reflects your dental practice, and has the ability to call patients to action.

Website copy does not have to be an exercise in boredom. Our writers have experience appealing to patients’ interests, helping build trust, and avoiding scary or technical descriptions of dental procedures that send patients running in the other direction.

How We Craft Your Copy

Copywriting begins with you filling out a questionnaire about your practice and your philosophy. This information helps our copywriters know what they should be focusing on while creating your copy and serves as a jumping-off point.

We then schedule a call to review the questionnaire together and ask additional questions regarding what makes your practice unique.

Our Professional Copywriter will:

  • Speak with you via Skype or phone to ask you specific questions about your practice and learn more about what makes you unique
  • Write a sample of copy for you to review and then listen carefully to your feedback to fine tune the content
  • Add team biographies
  • Include relevant pictures of interest
  • Write additional copy where needed to flesh out your website and add interest
  • Send the content to you for your review, revision, and approval prior to your site going live

Content Revision and Completion

Revision is an important part of the writing process. You know your practice better than anyone, so when reviewing your content, we ask that you please take note of any of the following:

Factual errors – We want to represent you and your practice correctly, so please point out these types of errors.

Personal preferences – Do you want to move some phrases around? We are here to help!

Language – We want to use a level of language appropriate for the people who will be reading your website. What is your demographic? What level of education do most of your patients have?

Tone and feeling – This is the super-subjective aspect of your copywriting. We want to match the practice culture and capture the philosophy that represents your dental practice.

We will make your requested changes to your site after our follow-up consultation.

Once your copywriting is complete, you still have complete control over your content! A training session, after your site goes live, will prepare you to keep your content fresh and up to date.

On-Going Content Services

If your practice experiences growth, talk to us! We offer additional copywriting services on an as-needed basis. Adding service pages, blog posts, and frequently asked questions can increase your search rankings and offer patients additional details they are looking for. Fees for this service are reasonable and dependent upon your specific needs. If you don’t love writing website copy, you never have to!

Tired of Boring or Duplicate Copy?

Contact Great Dental Websites to learn more about how custom content can lead new patients through your door. We look forward to customizing your web content in a way that truly represents the services and patient care you provide.

What Are Clients Saying about Their Content?

“Awesome work! I am so pleased with the detail and the personalization. Great job!”

“This is great! I like the tone/professionalism in the copy.”

“Everything looks great! Thank you for all the time you spent on this! You’ve captured the essence of the office perfectly.”

“I love it. Thank you for listening. It really feels like you said what we feel. Thank you so much.”

“Everything looks great! You really captured the personality of our office!”

“I like the tone and the style of the copy. It is well-written and I think it will be good on the site.”

“This is very good. I really like the way that you expose the risk of leaving the condition untreated.”

“Congratulations on a job well done. The copy looks great.”

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