We Are Two-Time Townie Choice Award® Winners!

Alex Nuttall
January 17, 2018 
Townie Award
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Our team is thrilled to announce that we are the Townie Choice for Website Design & Services for the second year in a row!

Dentaltown’s Annual Townie Choice Awards® honors companies that help dental practices succeed, whether it be marketing, web design, or other various services.

Since our formation over a decade ago, connecting with the dental community on Dentaltown has helped us organically create lasting relationships with doctors and other marketers all across the country.

This year’s Townie win got us thinking about how helpful dental forums and industry-specific online communities can be to dental practices, just as connecting to dentists online have helped us grow so much as a company.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about how getting involved in an online dental community can help your dental practice.

Benefits of Connecting with Dentists Online

You can connect with other practice owners

Dental forums are built for dentists wanting to connect and exchange ideas with practices similar to theirs. People on these forums are willing to share free information, socialize with others, and provide advice. For first-time startups, this can be an invaluable tool. Common topics you’ll see on message boards include:

  • Managing and encouraging staff
  • Handling competition
  • Finding the right marketing company
  • Continuing education
  • Practice management tips
  • Specialties

You get completely honest, objective advice

Forums and message boards are rarely concentrated in one certain city, which means you can get objective advice from colleagues that are more than willing to give it — because you aren’t in competition for business! You can exchange tricks of the trade with other practices without feeling like you are helping your competition.

You can be diligent and attend all of the local dental meetups in your city, but the networking element can be a little confusing, as many other practices there are competitors. Online, you won’t deal with the hassle of navigating around your direct competition. You can stay up-to-date with new techniques, technology, studies, and more, and feel confident that the information given is informed, honest, and timely.

You can save money by learning “do’s and don’ts”

Are you considering redesigning your website? Do you spend a lot of money at conferences just to learn what’s new in the dental world? Is your practice considering hiring a marketing agency, but aren’t sure where to start?

You can often find quality dental marketers, money-saving advice, and real case studies in dental message boards — and it’s all free! Just make sure to share what you’ve learned along the way, too, to contribute to your new community!

Get started

We personally recommend Dentaltown as a great online community for dentists. We have forged countless lasting relationships over the last several years on the Dentaltown message boards, and it’s completely free to sign up and use.

Alex Nuttall
Alex is a native of Colorado. He was born in Denver and grew up in Fort Collins. He graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in business marketing. In his free time, he can be found playing guitar and producing music, cooking a delicious meal, or heading outside to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer.

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