What Our Clients Say About Us Testimonials

Dr. A. Jayson Tengonciang
Clairemont Endodontics
“We’ve been with GDW for 7 years and I’m continually impressed with their product (and their customer service is impeccable). Our website design is pivotal to our growth and I wouldn’t trust anyone else but Jeff (who is a standout person in our industry), and his amazing team with this important piece of our practice. They are quick to respond, easy to work with, and even after 7 years, they continually meet our needs when they’re called upon. They are simply the best in the business.”
Dr. Ellen Swift
White Bear Smiles
Dr. Aaron Cook
Cook Family Dental
“I am totally impressed by Jeff and his team at Great Dental Websites. After 9 years in dentistry and dealing with many different salespeople and companies vying for my business in website development, marketing, practice management, etc, I can honestly say this is the first time I've been truly "Wowed". After the initial 15 minute conversation with Jeff, I was at ease and confident in him and his company. The whole process from the very start was just so thorough and organized...these guys are good at what they do. I had many questions, and if someone didn't know the answer right off, they had another member of the team contact me right away. It's a very well-run business and they seem genuinely interested in delivering a great product. It is obvious from my low post count that I do more reading than posting, but I felt I should share my experience as it was so good. We're just starting the SEO work, but the site is up and I am very, very happy with it. ”
Dr. Kate Glazer
Shoreline Children's Dentistry
“The experience I had with Great Dental Websites was fantastic!! I would give Jeff Gladnick and his team my absolute highest recommendation to anyone who is looking for a website design company. The task of setting up a website for my new office seemed overwhelming at first, but the team at Great Dental Websites made the entire process easy and fun! Thank you so much for helping me create a website that I am proud of!”
Dr. Richard Facko
Palos Pediatric Dentistry
“I can’t say enough positive things about the staff at Great Dental Websites. I did a full, custom website design that perfectly matches my personality and the values of my practice. I’m also enrolled in a pay-per-click campaign. I didn’t intentionally get involved using GDW for pay-per-click. I thought I had read enough about pay-per-click advertising that I could manage it myself. But Jeff and his staff had done such a great job with my website that I was kind of relieved to hear that they would manage a campaign for me. I’m glad I did! Jeff and Wendy helped me customize a campaign that was active at times that were most beneficial for my practice, and inactive at other times. They also set up different campaigns to attract different types of patients. The best part is my conversion rate has been very high – most patients who visit my website find the information they were looking for and are motivated to schedule an appointment because Jeff’s team did such an excellent job putting together my website. And because my site is a good reflection of my practice, the patients who have been recruited through my website have fit into my practice extremely well. Much better than a $99 exam, x-ray, prophy offer would ever do for my practice. Jeff’s services have really helped my startup get off the ground, I can’t believe how many people have chosen my FFS office because of my website and PPC campaign. I’m very grateful that I made that first call to Great Dental Websites!”
Dr. Roberto Montegeaudo
Wisconsin Smiles
“What an Incredible company to work with. I have tried a few different website developers and I can honestly say that you guys are far and above the rest. From the initial call to your company and the redesign and SEO process to the final result you guys have been on top of your game. I don’t know what the heck you guys did, but I have never experienced such an interest and influx of new patients from non-pay per click site (and I have had some really cool sites in the past).”
Dr. Stephen Murray
Swords Ortho
“I am very happy with every aspect of the work that Great Dental Websites do for me. When I wanted to get a new website for my practice I looked at several different providers and these guys seemed pretty good, to begin with, but when I actually made contact with them, they were clearly the characters that I wanted to deal with. They are also pretty good at coming up with answers to my questions, solutions to my problems and advice on adjustments. When they made the new website for us, I entered our practice for a national competition and we were finalists in the Best Website category. keep it up guys, Stephen.”
Dr. Whitney Gomez
Nederland Family Dental
“They also are very helpful in offering advice of what's working well and not working well with their other clients. I also signed up with SEO from GDW and it has been fantastic. I was skeptical at first, but typically 50-75% of our new patient flow comes from the "internet". We see anywhere from 30-60 new patients per month. The quality of the website is top notch, and totally customizable according to your "flavor". ”
Dr. Robert Clay
Robert Clay Jr, DDS Family Dentistry
“I did my research into websites before signing up. I did my old one myself and I like doing that type of thing; However, this time around I just thought I didn't want to get into learning coding again ( I forgot much of what I knew) and with all of the changes in the internet and search engines, I felt it was better to let the pros do it. You guys do a great job from the initial contact. I love the No contract aspect. Let your work stand for itself...and it does. I absolutely love the free upgrades/updates with changes that roll out. I know other companies just can't do that with their platforms. This gets me to your platform. I have seen on Dentaltown many other companies say not to go with a company that uses proprietary software due to portability if you want a change. I understand that argument, but at the same time I don't think you want want a "portable" website if you were changing anyways. You change because the product sucks....and you would probably want a change of everything anyways. Back to your software...It is so unbelievably easy to use. It is so unbelievably easy to update your website....yourself...without having to pay anyone to make changes or recode things. I honestly don't think the benefits and the ease of using your software is publicized enough. Maybe I just appreciate it because I do like to do things like this myself, but an idiot can figure out how to make changes in their website at any time using your platform. Way to go and keep up the great work.”
Drs. Brooke & Dave Fleischmann
Fleischmann Family Dentistry
“Between the great new custom website, Monthly SEO, and Google Adwords campaign, our online presence has improved dramatically. Moreover, we really appreciate the swift and attentive service we have received from you and your staff. We know that we can always get our questions answered with a simple phone call or email. Thanks so very much for all that you do to make our business thrive!”
Wade Kifer
Northwest Arkanss Family Dental
“I would Like to say that I have been very happy with Jeff and the team at Great Dental Websites. We looked around and they promised the most attention to detail and flexibility of any of the other website companies. We wanted to be involved in the copyright process but also wanted help to make sure that what we were putting into the website was going to work with the SEO. We are very thrilled with the project. We are constantly updating the website and that is easy to do. We have only had the website up for about 5 months and are already in the top of most searches. Thanks, guys!”
Tony Bartels
Anthony Bartels DDS
“We are very excited with our new website that the team at Great Dental helped us create. They did an awesome job putting our ideas together. We have received many compliments on the new setup from our patients & how easy it is to post reviews, as well as the site being very user-friendly. We look forward to the success from working with the SEO campaign.”
Steven Crognale
Crognale Collins & Crognale Family Dentistry
“We selected GDW after months of searching for a dental website designer. We extensively interviewed two other companies and decided to go with GDW. We have been very happy with them. They have been easy to work with and responsive to our needs. We are pleased with the final result. And it is working! We have gotten many new patients already for implants, Invisalign, and veneers…This week alone we have had two Six Month Smile cases and one veneer case come in from it.”
Elizabeth & Samantha
Pallotto Dental Care
Ross Allen
OKC Family Dentistry
“I have been extremely pleased with the service, product and most importantly results from GreatDentalWebsites.com. I am a new practice owner and needed to establish a web presence to boost my new patient number. Our office website has been the most effective (and cost-effective) means of attracting new patients. In January 2012, I received 22 new patients directly from my website and Google AdWords. This beats our internal/patient referrals and guerrilla marketing campaign. Jeff and his team have provided excellent customer services during our relationship.”
Richard Leung
Temple Dental Trails
“I knew I couldn't go wrong when I chose Jeff and Great Dental Websites because of his great reviews on Dental Town. But after completing our project, I would have to say the experience has been nothing but amazing. Our new website looks perfect! Thanks go to Analiese, Christa and Terry. You guys worked diligently to get the job done quick!”
Lindsay Compton
Generations Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
“I felt very comfortable and confident that it was a team working on my website and not just a big company.”
Joseph Gwiazdowski
Joseph A. Gwiazdowski, DDS
“I’ve been using Great Dental Websites for over 3 years now. I’m at the top of Google for pretty much any search term related to Dentistry in my area. We received 205 new patients last year directly attributable to our dental website. These patients brought in about $105,000 in revenue.”
Jordan Stirneman
Bellaire Family Dentistry
“We are really pleased with the SEO progress to this point. I have to say, we have been really impressed with the customer service and attention we have been given by your company. We are looking forward to updating our site with photos, forms, and more information that will make the site stand out to those who come across it on the web. Let anyone who asks know that they can contact us for a testimonial regarding your services!”
Dr. Tommy Gladnick
Gladnick Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
John Mueske
Pepin Valley Dental
“To all the web site DIYers - just use Great Dental Web Sites instead. If you're disappointed I'll eat my shoe.”
Jason Annan
East Cooper Smiles
“I hired Jeff to help design the website for my dental practice. I wanted someone who could deliver results, with an eye towards value. Jeff was both of these. The results proved to be exceptional, I’ve seen an increase in new patient flow and I really value this service. I also like Jeff’s customer service. He’s responsive and prompt and I couldn’t be happier. I’d recommend him for your company as well.”
Greg Dietz
Children's Center for Dentistry
“I had a wonderful experience working with Jeff and his outstanding team at Great Dental Websites. They take customer service to another level. I can’t say enough about all of the personalized attention I received throughout the process. They were able to give me an amazing website with completely unique content that you just can’t get from the “cookie cutter” website design companies. These guys know what they are doing with SEO as well. It took less than 2 months to get my website to the #1 spot on Google. I could not be happier with the way everything turned out.”
Bryan Mansfield
Nampa Dental Health Care
Frank Orlando
Manhattan Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
“I’ve been working with Jeff Gladnick and Great Dental Websites for over 2 years…a lot of patients and colleagues mention they like the design and flow of the website. The thing I value most about Jeff and his team is the customer service. They get back to me, and they’re very reliable. I’d recommend Great Dental Websites and Jeff & his team to anyone looking for a new website”
Cody Gronsten
Dental Health Partners
“Our new website launched a week ago, already we have had two new patients so far that said they chose our office due to our website!”
Jason Keledjian
Keledjian Dental
“I was looking a company who is up to date on all the changes in online media, could put together a great looking and simple to use website, and had a track record with SEO. What I got was that and much more! Their customer service is amazing. If there is an issue or problem, they are very responsive and proactive in trying to address it. But what I like most about them is that they push and encourage me to do my part in bettering my online media and SEO. I would definitely recommend them!”
Dr. Jason Sudati
Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire
“We have had a wonderful experience with Great Dental Websites. From the initial consult all the way through the final custom design and beyond, they have been prompt, insightful, professional and truly a pleasure to deal with. We couldn't be happier with their product and customer support.”
Laura Abate
Pacific Plains Dental
“I am very impressed with every person I have come in contact with at Great Dental Websites! They are all extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Every time I have had to contact them, they are super fast and get it done in a timely manner. I have not had any problems with them! We will continue to use them for our website!”
Dr. Ryan Collins
Banana River Dental
“They have been awesome at helping to add features to my website, even a year after we made the site. Customer service is top notch, highly recommend!”
Dr. Tom DeChellis
DeChellis & Stonestreet Dentistry
“Forward-thinking dental website design company. Easy to work with. We provided some office and business details and they created the copy and modern layout. There are constant improvements and the platform is a responsive design so it shows up well on all devices. Alex, our account manager, has been great to work with. He keeps us up to date with changes in SEO/Google/Facebook changes during our monthly calls. This is the dental website company to choose!”
Dr. Justin Harlow
Harlow Dental
“Wonderful company. Great analytics and great people whose only concern is their client's success. I opened my start-up dental practice and Great Dental Websites helped me get a great website, as well as PPC and SEO campaign going. We've grown every month! Very pleased with GDW. Highly recommend.”
Dr. Josie Dovidio
Gentle Family Dentistry
“I really like the website they designed for me. They have continued to be very attentive to our needs and follow up in a timely manner.”
Dr. Chris Meunier
Reliant Family Dental
“I have been working with Great Dental Websites for a few years now. In the past year, they have redone my website and helped to optimize it. They have also been helping me with PPC in the past few months. I have been very pleased with the quality of work they do. They are also very efficient and easy to deal with. Chaz has been my main point of contact the last year or so and he is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Great Dental Websites to any dentist that is looking for help with their website or help in any online advertising.”
Marsha Pilgrim
Fall Creek Dental
“Great Dental websites have been wonderful to work with. They were great in making the changes we wanted and had great ideas and suggestions during the design process. The response time has been quick to emails. Everyone we have worked with has explained each step and been so friendly.”
Dr. Yogesh Goel
Woodin Creek Dental
“We launched our website shortly before our grand opening and were delighted to get 7 new patients, 5 of which found us via our website.”
Dr. Curt Leciejewski
Rehoboth Beach Dental
“We chose Great Dental Websites after working with another company for 6 months with no results. After switching to Great Dental Websites we were able to get a fantastic product in a very short amount of time. They were under the wire, and they put together a state-of-the-art project.”