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“Jeff Gladnick knows dental websites and online marketing like nobody else that I have met. It seems like every time I talk to him, he gives me a great idea. He has a unique understanding of what it takes to have an effective website design and online presence and tends to under-promise and over-deliver, which in his space is a rare combination as a pegasus with a unicorn horn. His team knows what they do well and are total professionals.”

-Bryan Laskin, DDS, President of the Minneapolis Dental Study Group. Prehensile Software.

Jeff Gladnick, Founder and CEO of Great Dental Websites, grew up surrounded by a gamily of 7 dentists. For as long as he can remember, discussions of the business of dentistry were as much a natural part of holiday dinner conversation as “pass the potatoes.” Unlike many in his family, however, Jeff never felt called to be a dentist. His interests were always in technology and entrepreneurship.

While earning his degree in electrical & computer engineering from Rowan University, Jeff founded 3 companies and became increasingly interested in the internet. He also got his first taste of digital marketing when Jeff’s father asked him to create his first dental website, a quick one-off project. Or so he thought.

Before starting GDW, Jeff worked for 15 years in marketing and software engineering, focusing on content management and publishing system development. Working on projects for companies like Adobe, The Gap, Taylor Farms, and D&B gave Jeff the expertise and experience necessary to build GW, which was then beta-tested on the dentists in his family.

To date, Jeff has helped over 800 practices in 4 continents market their practices online and to build their businesses. He is most proud of the start-up practices who grew with time and eventually became some of his best clients. Jeff is an expert on the subject of local digital marketing and how it can be utilized by dentists to enhance and expand their practices.

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