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Facebook ads are a great way to get immediate results for specific services and specials you offer. Whether it’s cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, or regular check-up specials, we find the right audience to bring in more patients. We stay up-to-date on platform changes, algorithm updates, and current trends to ensure your ads are delivered to the right demographics at the right times.

Market Analysis

Our Facebook advertising team will analyze your market area to determine how we can stretch your budget the farthest. We factor in the number of competitors nearby, your area’s cost of living, and the clientele near your office when scheduling your ads.

The size of your market and amount of competition near your office helps influence the amount we will quote for the monthly budget.

We will generally try and target an area within 7-8 miles of your office; people generally won’t travel too far for a dentist.

Ad Creative

  • We use specific language and images in our Facebook ads to influence visitors to call or email into the practice.
  • We focus on calls-to-action to help entice people to make an appointment immediately after viewing the ad.
  • We like to highlight any specials you have going on; patients are more attracted to special promotions.

The Process

After you approve the content for the ads, we will schedule them to appear in front of a highly-targeted audience during peak browsing hours.

We spend time finding the right audience to target, based on income, occupation, age, gender, and many other demographics. Then, we will set a daily budget that tells Facebook exactly how much to spend for your ad per day, up until we hit your monthly budget.

Quick Updates

Even after your final approval and the ads are running, we can make on-the-fly adjustments to your ads whenever you ask!

  • We can write new content or add new pictures at any time.
  • If you want to increase your budget for a specific week, or you’re running a new special, let us know!
  • We review your ads every month to see exactly how they’re performing, and we’ll then make updates going into the next month.

Make your ads your own. Not only are our Facebook ads entirely customizable, but you can have them up and running within the week! Any last minute edits can be made entirely hassle-free.

We are honest and open with you about your results. If your campaign didn’t perform to our standards that month, we will provide you with a detailed list of changes for the following ad cycle and the results we expect to see from them.

Dr. Jason Sudati
Urgent Dental Care of New Hampshire
We have had a wonderful experience with Great Dental Websites. From the initial consult all the way through the final custom design and beyond, they have been prompt, insightful, professional and truly a pleasure to deal with. We couldn't be happier with their product and customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Facebook ads different from PPC or Google Adwords?
Facebook ads are different from traditional PPC campaigns mainly in the targeting options and the way the ads look. Our team will customize your unique ads to fit your target area and audience, as well as the services you would like to focus on. Facebook advertisements are only displayed to Facebook users, but the extensive targeting interface allows us to create hyper-targeted audiences in your area. This process results in a very low cost per click to the website and a huge boost in traffic.
How do re-targeting ads work on Facebook?
Have you ever been shopping online for an item and then clicked to Facebook and noticed that your ads are now displaying that item? This is a re-targeting ad. Facebook allows us to install a tracking code on your website. It then creates a custom audience based on the people who visited your website. We can tweak the audience and set up a new ad that displays only to people who went to your website but did not convert. This is a great way to get in front of potential patients who may not have made a decision on a provider yet, but who have already shown interest in your practice by visiting your website.
How will my ads be targeted to reach potential patients?
Facebook advertising offers extensive targeting options including spending behaviors, interests, age, and location targeting. For your ads, our team will research your unique market area, and we will tweak the ads as needed to ensure that you’re reaching potential patients in your area who are actually interested in the services that you’re offering.


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