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Did you know that email marketing has a conversion rate three times higher than social media? Or that 91% of smartphone users check their email at least once per day?

Our email marketing service allows your practice to stay connected to your patients and community through effective, mobile-friendly emails.


With our email marketing service, our team will sit down with you to determine your goals for email messaging and to develop a practical strategy. From there, we will design a plan crafted specifically to your practice. We work with you through several rounds of edits to make sure we get it right with the first send.

Your email marketing campaign can change and grow with your practice, ensuring that your brand remains front and center in your community, and with your potential and existing patients.

End Product

With email marketing you get:

  • A reusable email template that matches your website branding perfectly
  • Our team of copywriters to craft compelling, eye-catching content that will drive your patients to contact you.
  • Detailed reporting with each email campaign
  • Feedback to ensure your voice is communicated through your email campaigns, and that your goals are being met.

Your Brand Defined

Your practice is unique, and your marketing materials should reflect that. Your branding, voice, and tone are top priorities in creating a successful email campaign. Our team will work directly with you every step of the way to ensure potential patients can easily recognize your storefront or marketing efforts, even if they’ve only read your emails.

Use email campaigns to promote special time-sensitive discounts, end-of-year benefits, back to school specials, patient referral programs, or to communicate your activism in the community through health fairs or other philanthropic activities.

Great Dental Websites offers a number of flexible packages to ensure the perfect campaign for your practice. Contact our team to learn more and get a free quote!

Jordan Stirneman
Bellaire Family Dentistry
We are really pleased with the SEO progress to this point. I have to say, we have been really impressed with the customer service and attention we have been given by your company. We are looking forward to updating our site with photos, forms, and more information that will make the site stand out to those who come across it on the web. Let anyone who asks know that they can contact us for a testimonial regarding your services!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to create my new website?
Each design project is different and will require a different timeline for completion. We have had sites launch as quickly as two weeks while others require four months. We manage your project by working simultaneously with the design, copywriting, and SEO teams so that your project moves forward as quickly as possible. Most projects involve four phases before going live:
  • Asset Collection
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Quality Testing
For the quickest turnaround, make sure to have your photos, logos, and other assets ready to send to your project manager. Also make sure to set aside time to look through completed content and designs for approval as they come up. Typically, when our projects stretch a bit longer, it is because we need approval before starting the next phase. If you would like a faster turnaround, it will require a big commitment on your part as well as ours. Working together, we can efficiently achieve the results you desire. On average, we complete most custom designs with new content between 2 and 3 months. Make sure to ask us what timeframe your website will take for a more fine-tuned analysis. We will provide you with an estimate based on your needs and vision for your future website!
Do you have any sort of contract?
No. We believe in aligning the economic interests of our customers with our own. This means we have to do a good job and provide excellent value to keep you happy and keep your business. You are free to leave our services any time, and we’ll even assist you with the transition to make it as painless as possible.


Do you want to see more or still have questions? To learn more about the products and services we offer, explore our resource library.

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