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The world of digital marketing is constantly and rapidly changing. With all that comes with running your own dental practice, it can be hard to find time to manage your digital marketing strategy on top of it all.

Great Dental Websites provides expert support to help you navigate the complicated world of digital marketing. Rest easy knowing that while you’re managing your practice and working with patients, you have someone on your team taking care of your online presence.

Marketing Meetings

Meet with your marketing consultant to discuss your marketing campaigns, strategy, goals, success, and receive expert recommendations. As you and your consultant develop a relationship, they get to know your needs and your strengths when it comes to marketing and can help keep you headed in the right direction with your digital marketing investment.

Strategic Planning

At your regular monthly meetings, your marketing consultant will look into what’s going to work best in your area, whether it’s focusing on services, community involvement, existing patients, new patients, or working with referring dentists. Your consultant will go over your campaign successes and provide advice (or “homework”) for easy, time-friendly things your practice can do to improve your online presence in between meetings.

Campaign Coordination

We work with all members of your greater marketing team, including your other consultants, to make it easy to keep track of your digital marketing plan as one part of your greater marketing goals so that everyone is on the same page. Consider your marketing consultant your touchpoint for our entire marketing team!

Your digital marketing consultant will help you develop realistic goals and keep you on track. You will always be aware of how your campaign is performing, as well as your return on investment and what you can do to improve.

Digital consulting also helps you learn to market your practice better over time. You are guaranteed to grow useful digital marketing skills that have a lifetime value for your team.

Dr. Tom DeChellis
DeChellis & Stonestreet Dentistry
Forward-thinking dental website design company. Easy to work with. We provided some office and business details and they created the copy and modern layout. There are constant improvements and the platform is a responsive design so it shows up well on all devices. Alex, our account manager, has been great to work with. He keeps us up to date with changes in SEO/Google/Facebook changes during our monthly calls. This is the dental website company to choose!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does account management benefit me?
Navigating the challenging world of dental practice marketing can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re already actively treating patients and running a successful business. Finding the time to do research and determine what you need to do to boost your practice performance is often an exercise in futility. Sometimes it’s just hard to take a lunch break! Account management gives you a partner to rely on. We offer an active way for you to participate in your marketing while still enjoying the benefits of an expert. Account management includes:
  • Regular coaching calls once to twice monthly to give you direction when it comes to online marketing
  • Suggestions for new content
  • Ways to boost your success on social media
  • Tips on how to make your website outshine the competition
Our coaches don’t just provide advice but also give you real help with uploading relevant, helpful content that supports your marketing mission. We help you keep on top of your content and making decisions about it. Will you gain the greatest benefit from adding testimonials, reviews, videos, services pages, frequently asked questions, or blog posts or should you focus on boosting your social media presence? Our team can review your performance and provide answers. Account management also gives us a chance to help keep you informed about changes in Google requirements that help you achieve higher rankings. Account management with Great Dental Websites will give you guidance, a strategy, and a meaningful direction when it comes to keeping your site climbing the search engine ranks.
What is the purpose of account management calls?
These calls are designed to help you bolster your online marketing campaign and web presence by creating content, getting reviews, and putting systems in place to garner before-and-after photos, reviews, additional content, and so forth.


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