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Our writers are creative and passionate, with direct experience in the medical and dental niche. You can feel confident that all of your site’s copy will reflect the voice of your practice. We focus on connecting with the patient, using relatable content, and, most importantly, encouraging that first call to book an appointment.

Custom Content

Compelling original content speaks to your readers’ emotions about their smiles while providing valuable information about what to expect at their first visit and through the years.

Benefits of custom content:

  • Encourage increased traffic and website growth with 100% original, compelling content
  • Support your practice’s culture and philosophy
  • Stand out among both general and specialty dental practices in your area
  • Establish authority in the dental field by educating patients
  • Complement your social media, paid advertising, and email marketing
  • Consistent and reliable quality for ongoing content

Our Custom Copywriting Process

You will work closely with one of our experienced copywriters with extensive knowledge of both general and specialty practices in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

  • Complete a copywriting questionnaire to identify your practice focus
  • Your copywriter will research your local area and the nearby competition
  • Set up a conference call with your copywriter to determine your style, language, and target demographic to use in your writing
  • Review a copywriting sample with a chance to make changes to the details and style, if needed
  • Review the final product and make any edits before your site goes live
  • Developing a working relationship with your copywriter is beneficial, as they help you express your voice and speak to the patients who are searching for you.

Copywriting Coaching

Dentists who want to tackle the copywriting process on their own often benefit from professional guidance from one of our copywriters. Your copywriting coach and editor will help your content hit all the points while maintaining professionalism and accuracy. Our copywriters will also help you keep your copy simple and accessible for your readers.

Working in conjunction with a project manager, we will set up goals to help you complete the copywriting process in a timely and effective manner.

  • Copywriting coaching consultation
  • Sample writing submission and feedback
  • Regular telephone meetings with your copywriter
  • Editing and formatting support
  • Stock and custom images
  • Content originality verification

Work with a dedicated professional copywriter to produce polished and professional copywriting that finds the right balance between informative and engaging. We can guarantee our copy is welcoming and easy for patients to digest.

If you choose to write your own website content, our team is there for you! With Copywriting Coaching, your practice will work with a dedicated writer who will act as your coach throughout your website build process.

Wade Kifer
Northwest Arkanss Family Dental
I would Like to say that I have been very happy with Jeff and the team at Great Dental Websites. We looked around and they promised the most attention to detail and flexibility of any of the other website companies. We wanted to be involved in the copyright process but also wanted help to make sure that what we were putting into the website was going to work with the SEO. We are very thrilled with the project. We are constantly updating the website and that is easy to do. We have only had the website up for about 5 months and are already in the top of most searches. Thanks, guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many words on my pages?
Creating quality, original content is an important part of search engine optimization – ranking higher for your area in certain searches. By providing a large amount of custom content, we are actually giving you an edge against your competitors. Most marketing companies recycle used content instead of creating new content, but Google and other search engines know the difference. We run all of our content through a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is 100% original – every time. Once your site goes live, you own your content and can alter or add to it at any time. Our copywriters write specifically for you. Not only will your content help you rank higher in searches, it will also provide useful information for your patients. Your new website will reflect your personal voice and practice philosophy, and it will also help people gain trust in you before you even meet! Our professional writers are trained to deliver dental copy with professionalism and accuracy, and you will have a chance to review all of it before your site goes live. Before we start writing, we will conduct a consultation where you can share your unique qualities. Our writers will weave compelling prose that helps your practice shine. With so many marketing services and cookie cutter operations out there, we are committed to giving you something different – something uniquely you.
Can I write copy for my own website?
We offer flexible options when designing your new website, including a la carte selections such as doing your own copywriting. Here are a few things to remember when committing to writing your own copy:
  1. Successful websites require a significant amount of copy. In many cases, completing the copy may require completing 10,000 words or more. If you have a bustling practice, it may be difficult for you to complete the writing on your site so it can be launched in a timely fashion.
  2. Grammar matters! We know you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your website. If your writing or grammar skills need some brushing up, it’s important to do so before tackling your website.
  3. Originality is key. Google knows if you copy and will penalize you.
  4. Keep it compelling. Remember, you are trying to lure new patients to your office, not bore them to death with scientific jargon. Have your audience in mind when you are writing and keep it at their level.
If you feel taking on the writing for your website is a challenge you are willing to accept, we offer coaching and editing to polish your site and ensure all your commas behave themselves. If it feels like too big of a project for you to tackle alone, we have a staff of experienced writers trained specifically in the art of creating copy for dental websites. Our writers strive to keep your copy relevant, interesting, and reflective of your practice.
If I start writing my own copy, can I change my mind halfway through?
Absolutely! No one will FORCE you to write your own copy, even if it sounded like a great idea in the beginning! This happens all the time. Dentists want to give it a shot and write their own content. And it makes sense. After all, you know your practice better than anyone, right? But when your schedule starts to overflow with heavy production and you can’t scrape together five minutes just to fill out lab slips and shove some lunch into your face, writing 10,000+ words of website content can start to feel pretty overwhelming. We are still here for you. Our writers can pick up where you leave off. Additionally, we will write to match your voice so that your site sounds seamless. At Great Dental Websites, we work with dentists to achieve your goals. Because we intimately understand the challenges dental practices face, we remain flexible, making your needs our top priority. After we begin the process of creating your new website, we will be in constant contact with you, asking for feedback and checking in. Because your online marketing is a reflection of you, your input is essential. You can add services once you see the smooth, swift, streamlined services we provide! We know you will be impressed with the final product.


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