Practice of the Month - Anthony Bartels DDS Family Dentistry

Megan Baulesh
October 5, 2021 

Dr. Anthony Bartels has been with GDW since May 2015. They worked closely with their copywriter at the start of the project to get the tone and information on the website just right before launch. In addition, we have been building on their original content to bolster SEO rankings and help them gain rankings in local searches.

Alongside his wife, Martha, Dr. Bartels takes an active role in their campaigns, taking photos and talking through content ideas with the marketing team. After years of working with GDW, they still remain engaged, active participants in their campaigns.

To provide the best dentistry possible, Dr. and Mrs. Bartels also make a significant impact on their community by constantly investing in leading-edge technology in their dental office as a continued commitment to their patients.

The team has also served on many mission trips to help under-served communities with their oral and dental health.

Megan Baulesh
A Denver native and graduate of the University of Colorado, Megan holds her MBA and is a member of the Project Management Institute. In addition to a decade in the Digital Marketing industry, Megan is involved in the Junior League of Denver's Read2Kids committee. In her spare time, she enjoys skiing, wine, and playing outside with her daughter, Vivien and husband, Eric.

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