Starting your own practice? Let's get you noticed online!


Purchasing an office space for your startup dental practice is a life-changing business decision, and a massive step in your dental career. We congratulate you on this exciting time!

As you already know, there are a number of things to consider when crafting your business plan for your practice. When you open the door to your new dental practice, you need patients to fill the chairs so you can provide your community with the quality dentistry they deserve and maintain a healthy business.

Often, startup owners don’t consider a website until after the business is open. However, it’s crucial to build an online presence as soon as possible, as your competition is already online and thriving.


Finding a dental website company who specializes in start-up and acquisition practices can be tricky. It’s easy to get lost in the numerous choices in dental marketing companies, and even easier to end up with a generic product that blends in rather than stands out.

Great Dental Websites is proud to say we specialize in such practices, serving over 700 offices worldwide, with nearly half of these being startups.

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  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

    Because you need to get patients as soon as possible, PPC is a great way to immediately get your website to the top of Google search results, in the paid ad positions. You can even purchase positions for particular services and specialties that you are looking to increase revenue for.

  • Display Ads

    Display ads customize your ad display location on Facebook, Google, YouTube, or other search engines, making your ads appear in results based on your keywords, demographics, and the searches that your target audience market is making.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    SEO allows your website to show up in Google searches for services your practice offers. SEO may not be a marketing tactic with instant results, but it helps your website compete with the established competition in the long term.

  • Review Automation

    We understand that, in many cases, new practice owners are working on a tight budget! If your business plan allows for it, review automation is a great way to get great reviews, automatically, without any effort on your practice’s part.


  • Custom Design

    Our design options allow for more specific customizations on your site. If your startup is looking to make a splash, you'll love our websites.

Case Study

Startup Practice Journey: Harlow Dental at Steele Creek

Dr. Harlow purchased his practice shortly before building a website with Great Dental Websites in 2017. His goal was to acquire 40-5o new patients per month through a user-friendly website and targeted digital marketing services. As a startup in a larger city such as Charlotte, Dr. Harlow wasted no time hitting the ground running with this website build and marketing campaign. After all, he had over 40 dental practices in his market to compete with!

Dr. Harlow’s services include:

Few things excite us more than helping a new business get off the ground. To that end, our entire team thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. H. Justin Harlow in helping him get his new practice started.

In spite of dealing with the myriad of details involved in starting a new business, Dr. Harlow was extremely responsive and present during his site launch. He worked closely and collaboratively with his Project Manager from the outset, gathering needed materials and providing desired feedback quickly to help speed up the process of getting a new site launched.

Fast forward to today, where Dr. Harlow’s startup practice is more than prospering! Since beginning his SEO campaign, Dr. Harlow has skyrocketed in his ranking, going from an average position of 30 on Google in April 2017 to an average position of 7.5 in just three months. His practice also receives between 50-100 potential new patient contacts through search engine optimization efforts.

Dr. Richard Facko
Palos Pediatric Dentistry
I can’t say enough positive things about the staff at Great Dental Websites. I did a full, custom website design that perfectly matches my personality and the values of my practice. I’m also enrolled in a pay-per-click campaign. I didn’t intentionally get involved using GDW for pay-per-click. I thought I had read enough about pay-per-click advertising that I could manage it myself. But Jeff and his staff had done such a great job with my website that I was kind of relieved to hear that they would manage a campaign for me. I’m glad I did! Jeff and Wendy helped me customize a campaign that was active at times that were most beneficial for my practice, and inactive at other times. They also set up different campaigns to attract different types of patients. The best part is my conversion rate has been very high – most patients who visit my website find the information they were looking for and are motivated to schedule an appointment because Jeff’s team did such an excellent job putting together my website. And because my site is a good reflection of my practice, the patients who have been recruited through my website have fit into my practice extremely well. Much better than a $99 exam, x-ray, prophy offer would ever do for my practice. Jeff’s services have really helped my startup get off the ground, I can’t believe how many people have chosen my FFS office because of my website and PPC campaign. I’m very grateful that I made that first call to Great Dental Websites!