New Year’s Resolution- No More Duplicate Content

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New Year's 2017Are you writing your own content? It may be tempting to hit the copy-and-paste function on your computer to “borrow” content from another website you admire. After all, why reinvent the wheel?
We are living in technologically advanced times, however, and Google knows when copy is not original. You can actually suffer in search engine rankings when you use the copy-and-paste feature to fill out the content on your website – even if it is just a few lines.

Originality is Worth the Effort!

Another consideration when it comes to copywriting for your site is that if you borrow another dentist’s content, it may accurately reflect his or her practice, but not your own. The copywriting for your website is a great introduction to your dental practice and gives you a chance to make a first impression that sticks with potential patients.
When writing original copy you can:

  • Tell patients who you are and what you provide
  • Accurately reflect your practice philosophy
  • Introduce your team
  • Feature new technology or services
  • Create copy that is an extension of your personality (funny, formal, kind)
  • Speak to your ideal patient (demographics, age, income, etc.)
  • Reduce fear in anxious patients

Good copywriting is a work of art. The subtle nuances of language can make all the difference when persuading a patient to become part of your dental practice. Our professional copywriters take the time to learn about you and your practice, as well as your ideal patient so they can effectively gear your copywriting to reach out to the patients that you want filling your practice. We do more than write about dental crowns and root canals, we deliver the information in a compelling and digestible way.

Ongoing Benefits of Great Copy

Keeping your copy fresh is a great way to climb up search engine rankings, but it also projects an image about your practice that reflects your commitment to remaining current in a profession where being on the leading edge matters.
If you are thinking of updating your content for your website, need help rising in search engine rankings, or you are considering a website that will work harder to bring you new patients, contact Great Dental Websites today!

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