Buzzwords in Online Reviews

August 27, 2018

Trying to encourage users to use more keywords in their Google and Yelp reviews might seem like a tricky practice that toes the line between organically generating reviews and “unethically” asking for them. In reality, there’s plenty of ways you can garner reviews and get those users to use critical keywords.

What is it so important to get keywords in reviews?

Keywords in a single GMB review might seem like a miniscule ranking factor to consider when trying to think of ways to boost your listing, but according to a recent study by Moz, the use of keywords in reviews ranks as the 26th highest local pack finder ranking finder. It ranks ahead of some factors you might not expect like mobile-friendliness and the quality of your local citations.

It’s apparent that getting reviews that include service-based keywords can be incredibly influential when it comes to GMB, but how do you tell them what words to write without just writing the review for them? This requires a little bit of jedi mind tricks.

Don’t be bashful when it comes to asking

When asking them, give them some “starter” questions or ideas for what they can talk about. Luckily you can pose these questions in a way that invokes certain keywords from the patient when they’re writing the review. If you are interested in targeting a specific procedure, ask a patient who just finished with that procedure for a review. Sounds simple right? It would be if it weren’t for HIPAA. We are not exterminators or dry cleaners. We have access to people’s highly personal healthcare information. The fact that they even had a procedure done at your practice must be protected at all times on your end. An exterminator could explicitly say “hey please leave us a review? Let us know how we did – like if we killed your bugs!”.

Dentists, however, have to be more implicit and try to generate these keywords from our review writers by asking more indirect questions like “how did we do?” or “what would you tell others about our practice?”. Oftentimes this is will lead the patient to discuss the dental implants or crowns they just received and how quick and painless the procedure was without violating HIPAA.

The patient is technically allowed to disclose the healthcare they received from you, but when you’re responding you have to remain vague without confirming or even discussing the procedure. You can always say something along the lines of:

“Thank you for the review! We are so glad you had a positive experience.”

Gathering reviews is worth it!

While all good reviews are beneficial for your practice and GMB listing, getting these keyword-injected reviews can be even more influential in regards to your listing’s ranking. Unfortunately, in the healthcare industry this situation becomes a little more precarious. It’s not as easy to discuss oral and dental care we’ve provided online. And when I say it’s not as easy, I mean that we just can’t, at all. Thankfully there are still ways you can incentivize patients to leave keyword-filled reviews and that starts with asking.

Veronica Rodriguez

Veronica graduated from Colorado Mesa University with degrees in Mass Communications and Psychology. Originally from Arizona, she was drawn out to Colorado to pursue a college soccer career and is always trying to relive her glory days by playing on adult leagues around Denver. During her free time, she takes full advantage of living in such a beautiful state and spends her time running, hiking, camping, and skiing.