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Is Google killing Google+ for Businesses?

Recently, there has been a lot of confusion as to what is happening with Google+ and why a lot of the features of it seem to be disappearing.

The look and feel of the Google+ page has changed dramatically over the last couple of months, and Google changed a lot of items, making it harder and harder for patients to find your Google+ page.

After months of waiting to see what Google’s next move would be, a new feature has started to emerge.

Introducing, Google Posts

Earlier this month, Google started sending out emails inviting some managers of Google My Business to try out a new tool called “Google Posts.” With Google Posts, you can create posts that will appear instantly in Google Search results. This offers a great way to post updates about your practice and have them display in real time directly in search results.

First, let’s take a look at how these posts will look in a search result:

Google Posts in the SERP


In branded searches, a new section appears that shows your posts, much like on a Facebook or a Twitter page. This allows businesses to post videos, testimonials, FAQs, special offers, or new blog posts directly into search results.

Here is what the new dashboard looks like:

Google Posts


You can share photos, videos, links to your most recent blog posts, and more.

You can also schedule when the post will start appearing in search results and when it will disappear. Posts can display in search results for up to two weeks.

Google Posts Dashboard


How can you get started with Google Posts?

This feature is currently invite only, but you can join the waitlist by clicking here. At this time, Google is testing this feature, but I believe that this will be their replacement for Google+ for Business.

Google’s mission seems to be to display the best and most relevant information directly in search results without having to send users to different apps or websites.

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