February: National Children's Dental Month

Chaz Puett
February 1, 2021 

It’s February, which means the American Dental Association is celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month.

This is a great time to share information with your patients about oral health care for children, and tips and tricks on protecting tiny teeth.

National Children27s Dental Health Month3A Flossing

Consider providing helpful information in your monthly blog or newsletter on children’s oral health topics, such as:

  • When children should have their first dental appointment and what to expect
  • Why primary (baby) teeth are so important
  • How to protect your son or daughter from tooth decay and cavities
  • Tips and tricks for making brushing and flossing fun at home

Water: Nature’s Drink

National Children27s Dental Health Month3A drinking water

The theme for this year’s National Children’s Dental Health Month is Water: Nature’s Drink.

Water consumption helps promote hydration for the body, and a healthy mouth and teeth. Not to mention the benefits it provides when washing away excess food particles after meals or counteracting sugary drinks and foods.

In some parts of the country, fluoridated water can help build and protect small teeth and promote cavity prevention. 

This year’s theme is a great conversation starter with parents about what they can do at home to promote good nutrition and excellent oral health for their children.

Celebrate With the ADA

National Children27s Dental Health Month3A activity

To celebrate NCDHM and promote this year’s theme, check out The American Dental Association’s website for downloadable posters, kids’ activity sheets, and a planning guide containing resources for promoting good oral health to children.

Make February fun by sharing this helpful information with your youngest patients and their families.

Chaz Puett
Chaz graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor's degree in Public Relations and Business Management. Chaz started as an intern with GDW but over the years has expanded into many roles within the company. Chaz is very excited about his new role working with our Asia and Pacific clients while being based in Sydney. He spends most of his free time with his young son Charlie and wife Analisa. He also enjoys time on the golf course, playing the guitar, and enjoying the great outdoors.

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