Display ads reach people where they spend the most time online.

Display Ads

Display ads reach people where they spend the most time online.

When you invest in a website and marketing, it’s probably because you have a specific goal in mind. For example, you want to see quality new patients beating down your door and requesting appointments!

At Great Dental Websites, we can approach your marketing in a number of ways – paid ads, pay-per-click, ads on social media, and display ads.

The Display Network

Investing in display ads can be one of the most effective ways to increase new patient flow via your web presence. This technique customizes your ad display location on Facebook, Google, YouTube, or other search engines, making your ads appear in results based on your keywords, demographics, and the searches that your target audience market is making.

We can create video, image, and text ads that appear above, to the side, or below articles being searched on Google, videos on YouTube, or within Facebook. Instead of marketing “spray-and-pray” methods, we can target your ideal potential patient.

Varying Formats for Versatility

Rather than text-only images, we can create video, still images, interactive advertising, and text ads, providing a way to reach people at different levels.

Ads have a greater ability to stand out in the ever-more competitive arena of online marketing. Because your ads will be original and eye-catching, they have the potential to find those exact patients who are looking for you.

We also offer animated ads with rotating images or layers of movement and animation to create displays that stand out.

Videos can be a great way to feature services you offer. Great Dental Websites can work with you to create videos that will reach out to people who are searching for the services and products you offer based on their past searches and an interest in services similar to yours.

Reach Niche Markets

Rather than simply appearing in search results, we can target specific niche markets based on the searches individuals make. For example, your ads can appear next to YouTube videos, blogs, articles, and informational pieces relevant to your services. If someone looks for an informational video on YouTube about cosmetic dentistry, your ad for full smile makeovers may complement that search and lead to a new patient who is actually interested in dentistry rather than someone just searching for the latest funny cat video.

Remarketing Ads

Google collects data on what people search for on their devices. Google can then use that data to remarket to them based on previous searches. For instance, if we know a particular potential patient searched for porcelain veneers, we can target that potential patient with ads and special offers for your cosmetic services. This targeted marketing can increase the effectiveness and decrease the costs of your online marketing.

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