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Facebook Ads Beginner’s Guide

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Facebook advertising works a bit differently from traditional PPC with Google or Bing, mainly because of a more in-depth targeting process, and because the ads are shown exclusively on the Facebook platform. Facebook offers a vast array of targeting options including location, age, interests, spending behaviors, and more, which allows advertisers to create specific, well-targeted display ads. How […]

What Is the Real Worth of a “Like” on Facebook?

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Facebook advertising boasts great ways for dentists to connect with and attract new patients. Whether you’re paying to promote posts to grow the “likes” and followers of your Facebook page or you’re paying for ads to drive visits to your website, the hope is to reach a wider audience whose demographics and interests match what you are […]

Find new patients “Nextdoor” on the local social media platform

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Few people are familiar with the still nascent local social media networking website – but some of your immediate neighbors, especially if you are in a major metropolitan area, are probably already using it.   Where I live, in Denver, this can be sporadically seen in the “recommendations” tab under “Dentists.”     Now 3 […]

Engaging Content Using Facebook

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During the month of December, we’d like to create engagement posts for our dentist clients to be posted on your Facebook page. The idea of this is that social media usage increases 200% over the holiday season, and engagement posts are created to engage with your fans and create a sharable comment, post, or interaction. […]

Social Media Overview- Great Dental Websites

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By Analiese Kovisto Great Dental Websites SEO team, understands that this movement has given birth to a huge population of social media websites that facilitate user generated content and support for the creation of user profiles. The emergence of social media is forcing many brands to challenge previous assumptions and re calibrate the way they […]

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