Marketing your Dental Practice

Helpful Tips On Making Videos With Your Smartphone

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In today’s ever-changing world of social media, it’s becoming increasingly important to keep up with the people around you. One of the best ways we recommend doing that here at Great Dental Websites is by creating simple videos for your website. Video content can be easy and fun to make and is also a great […]

Email is Alive and Well: Debunking Email Marketing Misconceptions

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“Email is dead!” Regardless of your career field, I am sure you have heard someone rattle off this phrase at one point or another. It is a somewhat common belief, outside of the marketing world, that email is no longer an effective way to communicate, market, or advertise. However, email and your relationship to it […]

Start 2017 by Bringing Your Entire Staff Up to Date on Your Marketing Strategy

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Having an informed and empowered team can have a significant impact on your ROI when it comes to your marketing strategy. Delegating certain aspects of marketing to your team allows them to take ownership in the success of your dental practice and provides the dentist and business team with a much-needed break from handling all […]

Ask Jeff: Marketing – Getting the Biggest Bang for My Buck

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Q: What marketing techniques can I use to get the biggest bang for my buck? A: Your first steps are – in this order: Get a website up. Customize your website to your practice. This means that your site should include: Before and after cases Video testimonials from pleased patients Videos featuring you, the dentist, […]

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