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Making Your Practice Stand Out from the Crowd

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Dental Team | Great Dental Websites

One of the challenges in dental marketing is identifying what makes one practice different from another. A patient can go to just about any dentist in town for a filling, crown, or root canal, so why should they choose yours? The truth is that every practice has something special to offer. The key is identifying […]

Practice vs Practitioner Listings on GMB

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For clients who are either doing a Full SEO Setup or Ongoing SEO management with us, you may have heard us mention practitioner listings and practice listings, especially regarding Google My Business. In medical fields such as dentistry, knowing the difference between these two is very important. Quickly, these two types of listings can be […]

How Do I Know When I Need To Redesign My Site?

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Anyone who has a website has asked themselves this question before, whether your site is eight years old or two. When is it time for an overhaul of my site? Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer because it depends on the age of your site, what industry you’re in, and what your patients need or […]

[Infographic] How To Build A Loyal Patient Base

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Loyal Patient Base | Great Dental Websites

Oftentimes a dentist’s biggest concern is his or her ability to attract new patients. In reality, the ability to get those patients back in the door for a second, third, or fourth visit is what provides your business with the loyal patient base and recurring revenue every practice needs to truly be successful. Keep this […]

Is Clinical Language Confusing Your Patients?

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Dental Patient | Great Dental Websites

Between your years of study to become a dentist and your years of practice, you are well-versed in the language of dentistry and medicine. Because of this fluency, however, it’s difficult sometimes to recognize which words might cause confusion or misunderstanding for your patients. This isn’t a failing on your part; it’s simply a fact […]

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