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Ask Jeff: What Is a Reasonable Price for SEO?

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What is reasonable to pay for SEO?

Q: I was quoted a particular amount for SEO. How do I know whether I’m getting a good deal? A: As in so many cases, it depends. For example, we quote SEO pricing for our clients on a monthly basis. The amount we quote is customized and based on how many hours we predict it […]

Ask Jeff: Marketing – Getting the Biggest Bang for My Buck

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Q: What marketing techniques can I use to get the biggest bang for my buck? A: Your first steps are – in this order: Get a website up. Customize your website to your practice. This means that your site should include: Before and after cases Video testimonials from pleased patients Videos featuring you, the dentist, […]

Ask Jeff: Should I use Google Adwords or Google Adwords Express?

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We don’t recommend Google Adwords Express to our clients because… well… it kind of sucks (but regular Google Adwords is still an excellent choice!). We’re going to turn this question over to our PPC Specialist, Peter Tseng! Peter says…. ——— Here are three good reasons why Google Adwords Express may be the wrong choice for […]

Ask Jeff – How Can I Improve My Page Speed?

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Q: I ran an analysis, and my page speed is only scoring 48/100. How can I improve this? A: Pagespeed is a minor factor, but it’s one that Google has positively confirmed that they take into account for search engine rankings. At Great Dental Websites, we review our clients’ page speeds every few months to make sure that […]

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