Taylor Denning

Platform Update: Individual Practice Specials

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You asked for it and we delivered! Great Dental Websites is excited to introduce another new feature to our platform to help your dental websites stay up-to-date with more customizable and user-friendly functions. This update is an expansion of the “Patient Info” and “Specials” features. This new feature will allow you to upload individual special offers […]

How to Respond to Reviews

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Review sites have become the new way for consumers to communicate with each other. As much as we may not like to think of health care as a consumer-driven commodity, Pandora’s box has been opened and we need to be realistic and meet patients where they are at. Many of your potential patients are probably […]

Why It’s Important to Have a Responsive Website

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As a company whose primary focus is building user-friendly websites, we have seen several changes in website functionalities over the years. As a result, we’ve consistently made changes to our platform to accommodate these functionalities. One of the bigger changes we’ve seen is the rise of mobile usage and the importance of having a “responsive” […]

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