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Here are some common questions we receive. If you have a question about the services we offer or how we can help you grow your dental practice, give us a call. One of our brilliant team members will be able to answer even the biggest stumpers you can throw our way.
Can I speak with the SEO or Facebook specialist directly?

Your account manager will be your main point of contact and your number one resource for all SEO and ad questions. Rest assured, we will expertly answer your questions and guide you through the process.

How does account management benefit me?

Navigating the challenging world of dental practice marketing can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re already actively treating patients and running a successful business. Finding the time to do research and determine what you need to do to boost your practice performance is often an exercise in futility. Sometimes it’s just hard to take a lunch break!

Account management gives you a partner to rely on. We offer an active way for you to participate in your marketing while still enjoying the benefits of an expert.

Account management includes:

  • Regular coaching calls once to twice monthly to give you direction when it comes to online marketing
  • Suggestions for new content
  • Ways to boost your success on social media
  • Tips on how to make your website outshine the competition

Our coaches don’t just provide advice but also give you real help with uploading relevant, helpful content that supports your marketing mission. We help you keep on top of your content and making decisions about it. Will you gain the greatest benefit from adding testimonials, reviews, videos, services pages, frequently asked questions, or blog posts or should you focus on boosting your social media presence? Our team can review your performance and provide answers.

Account management also gives us a chance to help keep you informed about changes in Google requirements that help you achieve higher rankings.

Account management with Great Dental Websites will give you guidance, a strategy, and a meaningful direction when it comes to keeping your site climbing the search engine ranks.

What is the purpose of account management calls?

These calls are designed to help you bolster your online marketing campaign and web presence by creating content, getting reviews, and putting systems in place to garner before-and-after photos, reviews, additional content, and so forth.

Is Nathan really an expert in making butter coffee?

Yes. Video coming soon.

Can I write copy for my own website?

We offer flexible options when designing your new website, including a la carte selections such as doing your own copywriting. Here are a few things to remember when committing to writing your own copy:

  1. Successful websites require a significant amount of copy. In many cases, completing the copy may require completing 10,000 words or more. If you have a bustling practice, it may be difficult for you to complete the writing on your site so it can be launched in a timely fashion.
  2. Grammar matters! We know you want to put your best foot forward when it comes to your website. If your writing or grammar skills need some brushing up, it’s important to do so before tackling your website.
  3. Originality is key. Google knows if you copy and will penalize you.
  4. Keep it compelling. Remember, you are trying to lure new patients to your office, not bore them to death with scientific jargon. Have your audience in mind when you are writing and keep it at their level.

If you feel taking on the writing for your website is a challenge you are willing to accept, we offer coaching and editing to polish your site and ensure all your commas behave themselves.

If it feels like too big of a project for you to tackle alone, we have a staff of experienced writers trained specifically in the art of creating copy for dental websites. Our writers strive to keep your copy relevant, interesting, and reflective of your practice.

If I start writing my own copy, can I change my mind halfway through?

Absolutely! No one will FORCE you to write your own copy, even if it sounded like a great idea in the beginning!

This happens all the time. Dentists want to give it a shot and write their own content. And it makes sense. After all, you know your practice better than anyone, right? But when your schedule starts to overflow with heavy production and you can’t scrape together five minutes just to fill out lab slips and shove some lunch into your face, writing 10,000+ words of website content can start to feel pretty overwhelming.

We are still here for you. Our writers can pick up where you leave off. Additionally, we will write to match your voice so that your site sounds seamless.

At Great Dental Websites, we work with dentists to achieve your goals. Because we intimately understand the challenges dental practices face, we remain flexible, making your needs our top priority.

After we begin the process of creating your new website, we will be in constant contact with you, asking for feedback and checking in. Because your online marketing is a reflection of you, your input is essential. You can add services once you see the smooth, swift, streamlined services we provide! We know you will be impressed with the final product.

Why are there so many words on my pages?

Creating quality, original content is an important part of search engine optimization – ranking higher for your area in certain searches. By providing a large amount of custom content, we are actually giving you an edge against your competitors. Most marketing companies recycle used content instead of creating new content, but Google and other search engines know the difference.

We run all of our content through a plagiarism checker to ensure that your content is 100% original – every time. Once your site goes live, you own your content and can alter or add to it at any time.

Our copywriters write specifically for you. Not only will your content help you rank higher in searches, it will also provide useful information for your patients. Your new website will reflect your personal voice and practice philosophy, and it will also help people gain trust in you before you even meet! Our professional writers are trained to deliver dental copy with professionalism and accuracy, and you will have a chance to review all of it before your site goes live.

Before we start writing, we will conduct a consultation where you can share your unique qualities. Our writers will weave compelling prose that helps your practice shine. With so many marketing services and cookie cutter operations out there, we are committed to giving you something different – something uniquely you.

How are Facebook ads different from PPC or Google Adwords?

Facebook ads are different from traditional PPC campaigns mainly in the targeting options and the way the ads look. Our team will customize your unique ads to fit your target area and audience, as well as the services you would like to focus on.

Facebook advertisements are only displayed to Facebook users, but the extensive targeting interface allows us to create hyper-targeted audiences in your area. This process results in a very low cost per click to the website and a huge boost in traffic.

How do re-targeting ads work on Facebook?

Have you ever been shopping online for an item and then clicked to Facebook and noticed that your ads are now displaying that item?

This is a re-targeting ad.

Facebook allows us to install a tracking code on your website. It then creates a custom audience based on the people who visited your website. We can tweak the audience and set up a new ad that displays only to people who went to your website but did not convert. This is a great way to get in front of potential patients who may not have made a decision on a provider yet, but who have already shown interest in your practice by visiting your website.


How will my ads be targeted to reach potential patients?

Facebook advertising offers extensive targeting options including spending behaviors, interests, age, and location targeting. For your ads, our team will research your unique market area, and we will tweak the ads as needed to ensure that you’re reaching potential patients in your area who are actually interested in the services that you’re offering.

Do you have any sort of contract?


We believe in aligning the economic interests of our customers with our own. This means we have to do a good job and provide excellent value to keep you happy and keep your business.

You are free to leave our services any time, and we’ll even assist you with the transition to make it as painless as possible.

How long will it take to create my new website?

Each design project is different and will require a different timeline for completion. We have had sites launch as quickly as two weeks while others require four months.

We manage your project by working simultaneously with the design, copywriting, and SEO teams so that your project moves forward as quickly as possible. Most projects involve four phases before going live:

  • Asset Collection
  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Quality Testing

For the quickest turnaround, make sure to have your photos, logos, and other assets ready to send to your project manager. Also make sure to set aside time to look through completed content and designs for approval as they come up. Typically, when our projects stretch a bit longer, it is because we need approval before starting the next phase. If you would like a faster turnaround, it will require a big commitment on your part as well as ours. Working together, we can efficiently achieve the results you desire.

On average, we complete most custom designs with new content between 2 and 3 months. Make sure to ask us what timeframe your website will take for a more fine-tuned analysis. We will provide you with an estimate based on your needs and vision for your future website!

Who is Bagel and why does he breathe so heavily when he answers the phone?

Bagel is our office beagle. He should NOT be answering the phone, and we apologize for his lack of manners.

Why are your project managers always so peppy on the phone?

Coffee. Lots of coffee. Plus, they live for dental marketing. We are trying to get them out more.

Can I hire you to just do SEO or work on my current website?
Unfortunately, all our customers need to convert their website to our specialized dental website platform.
This isn’t to lock you in (no contract!), but it makes our job a lot easier and it lowers your costs. For example, one month we were able to decrease the time it takes our websites to load by 2%.  This sounds like a little thing, but Google counts page load time as a factor in SEO performance. Little details like this add up to big differences in your website’s performance.
Of course, if we had to make that change across 200 websites, it would take a long time. Some passwords may no longer work. Rolling out updates like this would be a constant recurring nightmare – and we roll out updates almost every two weeks!
Instead, all our customers use the same software platform. Different content, same software. So when we make a new change to improve SEO performance or add a new feature that our dentists have requested, everyone gets it for free and we only have to make the change once. This is a better way to do things, for everyone!
Can I keep my existing domain name?


As long as you own your domain name, we’ll almost certainly want to use it. In addition, we’ll be launching your new website the right way – by creating “301 Redirects” for every single webpage on your old site. This tells Google and other search engines where to find your content on the new site.

This means that if a potential patient clicks on a link to your old page about teeth whitening, they will seamlessly be transported to your new page on teeth whitening. The benefit here is that you don’t have to go through and clean up old urls or find links that might be broken. They’ll all still work!

Can you give me an “SEO Guarantee”?

No, and to be perfectly frank, any ethical online marketing firm should be telling you the same thing. Google is a third party that no one, including us, has direct control over, and thus a guarantee is impossible.

Some companies will make the guarantee another way. They’ll let you off the hook for payment unless they “get you on the first page.” What we often see with this sort of deals is that “the first page” isn’t the same page you were originally led to believe.

Some SEO companies will technically win their part of the deal by getting on the first page for non-competitive terms with little visitor traffic, instead of the higher traffic search terms that would actually lead to you getting lots of new patients.

We believe in aligning your economic interests with ours. We have a long track record and as many referrals as you’d like to call so you can be sure we’re going do the work the way we describe. And we have no contracts, so if we don’t perform, you can dump us.

But beware of companies offering you “guarantees.” Chances are that you’re either being overcharged to account for this or what they are willing to guarantee may not get you many new patients – which is the whole point of your website and SEO, right?

How can I benefit from ongoing SEO services?

Your initial SEO setup will give you a certain level of success – we design it that way! Our skilled team will use their knowledge combined with the most up-to-date search engine information and algorithms to provide you with the highest level of initial success possible.

Proper SEO takes time. As you have probably noticed, the Internet changes constantly. New sites are added and optimized, and new dentists move into your area. They are all vying for the coveted number one search slot for the most popular searches in your area. How will you monitor and keep up with these changes?

By opting for ongoing SEO services, we can help reevaluate your market, demographics, and most effective keywords, helping you rise to the top among your competitors. By collecting data for your area, evaluating your options, and making regular adjustments, we can keep you climbing the search engine ladder and on top of the requirements of Google and other search engines so that your SEO never becomes obsolete.

When you opt for ongoing SEO services, you have a dedicated team of experts working on your side to ensure that your ideal patient is able to find you in the complex web of Internet searches.

Can I update my website myself? Even If I don’t know HTML?


Our software is easy for anyone to update, even if you’ve never created or updated a website before. In fact, most of our customers have never touched a website before working with us.

Every one of our customers receives:

  • Our “Crash Course Training” – We’ll share our screen with you and show you how to make changes to the site and add content.
  • Free unlimited training – Stuck? Call us and we’ll share our screen and walk you through the problem until you feel confident.
  • Free unlimited support – Completely stuck?! Contact us and we’ll take care of it for you!

Additionally, our customers commonly make suggestions for new features. Most of the time we add the feature to our platform, which means you get it, too. For free!

Will my current website company take my website down right away? Do you put up a temporary website until my new website is done?

You can keep your current website until your new one is complete. We will add your content, design, and contact information to a temporary site that you will have access to throughout the process. Periodically, we will ask you to look at your temporary site and give us feedback on the progress.

Once your new site is complete, we can make the change so your service isn’t interrupted and potential patients are always able to find you. During this time, we will be asking you for information on your current website hosting as well as information about your target demographics, practice photos, and more so that we can build a fully functional, attractive site that drives traffic to your practice. Your cooperation and feedback is essential to us because we want this website to accurately reflect who you are and serve your ideal patient.

If you do not have a site or your current website goes down, we can quickly build a temporary “mini” site while we create your full site.

These things take time, but our team will diligently work toward getting your ideal website up and running so that you can start getting new patient calls!

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