Looking for Answers?


Here are some common questions we receive. If you have a question about the services we offer or how we can help you grow your dental practice, give us a call. One of our brilliant team members will be able to answer even the biggest stumpers you can throw our way.
Can I speak with the SEO or Facebook specialist directly?
How does account management benefit me?
What is the purpose of account management calls?
Is Nathan really an expert in making butter coffee?
Can I write copy for my own website?
If I start writing my own copy, can I change my mind halfway through?
Why are there so many words on my pages?
How are Facebook ads different from PPC or Google Adwords?
How do re-targeting ads work on Facebook?
How will my ads be targeted to reach potential patients?
Do you have any sort of contract?
How long will it take to create my new website?
Who is Bagel and why does he breathe so heavily when he answers the phone?
Why are your project managers always so peppy on the phone?
Can I hire you to just do SEO or work on my current website?
Can I keep my existing domain name?
Can you give me an “SEO Guarantee”?
How can I benefit from ongoing SEO services?
Can I update my website myself? Even If I don’t know HTML?
Will my current website company take my website down right away? Do you put up a temporary website until my new website is done?
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