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Domain Hosting & Email Setup

Do you want help with the nuts and bolts of your website and email communication? We offer setup and solutions based on your practice's needs.

Domain Hosting

Now that you have finally chosen a domain name, also known as your web address, it is essential to keep it safe. At Great Dental Websites, we can host your domain and take care of product changes and renewals on your behalf. Having someone who monitors your domain, its expiration, and when it’s time to renew is essential! If you do not renew on time, someone else may be able to take your domain and use it for their own site or offer to sell it back to you for a hefty fee.

By hosting your domain with us, you can be confident that we will make sure that it stays registered to you.

Email Hosting and Setup

If you are the type of person who likes a streamlined process, you might like a personalized set of email addresses for yourself and team that match your domain name and allow you to keep your practice properly branded, conveys professionalism, and makes it easy for your patients to contact you.

Why Branding is Important

The more someone sees your practice name, the more credibility they will give you in regards to the services you provide. By having a consistent brand, you present yourself as an established and credible business. This can be one of the small things that help you stand out among the competition.

Convenience and Security

By having branded email, it makes it easy for your patients to contact you and maintain communication that is easy to track. We can create an email for each of your team members who require email communication all hosted under your main email address. When a staff member leaves your team, we can delete the email or forward it to the appropriate person to make sure that none of your important patient emails are missed!

We securely back up emails and maintain the highest level of safety where your information is concerned. We utilize multiple off-site servers to securely store and manage your sensitive information.

Expand Your Service as You Grow

Running out of space can be a challenge when it comes to saving all of those emails that collect in your inbox. In dentistry, however, having records of communications can be essential, so saving your emails can be one way of doing that. We can expand your server space as your practice grows so that you can preserve your important communications. This is especially important to day as practices are sharing more and more high-resolution images, such as digital imaging and x-rays over email.

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