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Website Features



Blogs provide your patients with useful information about your office and also offer an opportunity for you to personalize your website. You can use blogs to keep your patients informed about the latest research, your presence in the community, and office events. Additionally, any new content related to your services helps to boost your web rankings.

Contact Page


A contact page should provide all of your vital information in addition to multiple ways for your patient to contact you. Your custom contact page can display your office address, phone number, and hours of operation. In addition, your contact page will have a built-in map so they can easily navigate to your office, even while on the go.

Both the contact form and appointment scheduler will be conveniently located on this page, making it easy for your patient to get in touch anytime so you don’t have to worry about missing a phone call.

Links & Resources

Having a links and resources page allows you to provide your clients with helpful information or articles related to their health. Linking to relevant information establishes that you actively seek out new data and stay informed with the latest research to benefit your clients. By posting links, you turn your website into a resource and improve your web rankings.

Meet the Team

Connecting with your patients is important. Allowing them the opportunity to learn about you and your team can help them feel confident that they are making a good choice when it comes to their care. This is an opportunity for you to personalize your message and highlight your achievements in addition to reaching out to future patients via your website.

Mobile Optimized

Our websites are easy to use on any platform. Whether on a desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device, your patients will find it easy to navigate your site and to call or schedule an appointment.

Office Tour

With the Office Tour page, you can welcome patients to your office before they even walk through the door.  This easy to manage photo gallery & slide show helps them imagine what it would be like to visit your office and reduce their potential anxiety.

New Client Forms

New Client Forms
People are busy these days, and allowing them to complete their new patient forms prior to their first visit is a convenient and efficient way to help them manage their schedules and provide thoughtful answers to your important questions. Plus, it allows you to streamline your office paperwork. Have 3rd Part Forms? We can integrate pretty much any online forms you have.

Online Appointment Scheduling and Contact forms

Online Appointments and Contact Forms
Once a patient makes a decision to schedule, it is important that they can move forward at any time. Online scheduling provides 24/7 availability so that patients can reach out without having to wait until the next business day or next week.

Service Pages with individual Landing Pages

Service Pages
Highlight your practice with detailed descriptions about the services you offer. Each service has a dedicated page so that you can share details about not only the services you provide, but also how they set you apart. This additional content provides valuable information to your patients… plus because these pages offer detailed information, the additional content improves your web ranking.


A site map can help your patient quickly find what they need. From service information to your contact page, we make it efficient and easy to navigate. Sitemaps also help search engines find and classify your information.



Patients like to hear from other satisfied customers, and research shows that positive reviews can influence a patient’s likelihood of scheduling an appointment. Highlighting your positive testimonials provides an additional way for you to increase your trust level with potential patients. Knowing you have successfully treated other people increases their confidence that they are making a good decision by doing business with you.

Software Features

Tracking Your Marketing Campaigns

Integrated Support for Call Tracking Numbers

When running multiple marketing campaigns, we can help you track the success of each one so you know what provides the best return for your practice. We will assign a unique tracking number to each of your campaigns to inform you which ones are driving business to your office.

SEO Optimizing


Your SEO is important to increasing your visibility so that your clients can find you among multiple local providers on the web. We have a skilled SEO team who analyzes your website’s performance to constantly find ways to improve and stay high in the rankings.

Drag & Drop Sorting

Drag and Drop Sorting
We want you to be able to make changes and try new layouts any time you want. Our Drag & Drop sorting tool allows you to do this.

Editing Your Websites

Easy Editing

We make editing your website content easy. Since your practice changes constantly, having the freedom to update and change your information is important. This allows you to make sure your patients receive the most up-to-date news.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Our software connects your patients to all of your social media platforms so they can contact you in multiple ways. This allows them to see even more information about your practice and lets them know you are serious about maintaining positive communication.

Additional Perks

Continuously Upgraded Websites

Upgraded Websites
We value and want continued success for all of our clients’ websites, so we offer continued upgraded websites to our customers.

Unlimited Free Training

Free Training

We will walk you through your new website and teach you how to make changes so that you have control over your content. We will make sure you have a firm understanding of your website’s design so that you have confidence when it comes to keeping it updated with fresh information.

Third-Party Integration

3rd party intergration
In addition to connecting with all social media platforms, our websites can integrate with other third parties offering website rating or tracking programs.
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