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Domain Names

A Good Domain Name Can:

  • ¬†Increase resale value of your practice the same way a great phone number can (Would you like to have 302-DEN-TIST, sure you would!)
  • Increase new patient traffic to your website via search engines
  • Reduce patient confusion with potential competitors or dentists with similar names

And of course, this cuts both ways. Picking out a domain for your practice is a big deal, and it can help or harm your practice for years to come. We’ll help you identify good domain names that are still available and help you choose which one (or ones) is the best fit for your practice.We do not sell domain names to Dentists, and we highly advise Dentists to be suspicious of companies that do.

Some FAQs About Domain Names

“Can I use the domain(s) I already own?”
Yes, you can.  You will be able to point one or several to your new site, just let us know and we will take care of the rest!

“Can I buy my own domain name now?”
Yes, you can! We are happy to help if you get confused or need advice on which domain to purchase.

“I would rather not purchase a domain myself.¬† Can you do it for me?”
Yes, we would be happy to do this for you. We will keep your domain for you.

Recommended Domain Registrar Companies

Why We Don’t Recommend GoDaddy

Truth be told, GoDaddy provides a pretty good service. We’ve always been annoyed with their tendency to try to upsell domain customers crappy additional services they don’t need, but we let that slide in the past and simply warned customers. However, recently, GoDaddy supported a heinous internet censorship bill, SOPA. As a company that lives and dies on the existence of a free and open internet, this was a bridge too far. We can’t support a company that attempts to use their wealth and power to diminish free speech.

Picking out a domain name for your new dental website can be tricky. Unfortunately, if you’re just buying a domain name today you may have already found out that many of the good ones in competitive areas are already taken.

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“I would Like to say that I have been very happy with Jeff and the team at Great Dental Websites. We looked around and they promised the most attention to detail and flexibility of any of the other website companies. […]”

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