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Website Hosting & Maintenance

Every custom dental website we create (or our customers create themselves) is hosted using our specially designed dental website content management system (CMS).

Worry-Free Dental Website Hosting

Unlike a free, off-the-shelf CMS like WordPress, this highly specialized software was developed over a period of 6 years with the only goal being to produce world-class custom dental websites for dentists and dental specialists such as oral surgeons, orthodontists, pediatric dentists, endodontists, and periodontists. To date, we’ve worked with more than 200 different dental professionals in three different countries.

You won’t ever need to be bothered with setting up FTP accounts, migrating MySQL databases and other complicated aspects of hosting your website that you likely don’t have time to learn anyway. We’ll take care of all of that. Backups are done 3x a day and securely backed up to 4 different physical locations, so your data is completely safe! Any issues setting up email hosting or integrating 3rd party services with your domain name – we can help with that too!

It’s incredibly easy to update & make changes to your website

We’ve designed our websites to be simple to update regardless of whether you have website experience or not. No knowledge of HTML or other coding languages is required, and all you have to do is fill in the form and click “submit.”. In fact, it’s so simple to make changes that our founder is fond of saying that “it’s so easy my mom can do it”, and she can – she’s in charge of all the content changes on, and this was the first website she ever worked on, and knows zero HTML to this day. And if you get stuck….

Unlimited expert support and training

Our friendly staff will train you or any of your office team to make changes to the website. Stuck? Call us and we’ll share our screen and teach you. Want to “do something” to improve the website but need some ideas? Call us! We’ll take a look and give you ideas, feedback, and inspiration. There is never a charge for training or support when it comes to making content changes or additions to your website. Stop paying your web developer to make changes – and then waiting weeks for it to get done. You and your team will have the power to make changes instantly, and we know from experience that you’ll find it even easier than emailing them to someone else!

The bottom line is that if you are comfortable updating your Facebook profile, you’ll be able to update your dental website with no problems at all. We also offer free, on-demand training for all customers and trial users, so take advantage!

Free feature upgrades & SEO improvements for life

It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook was primarily used by college students to post keg party pictures, and Google Places didn’t even exist. Today, for many practices, these features have become essential tools for online dental marketing.

As new techniques emerge for promoting dental practices online and more and more dentists decide to launch a website, you will be forced to keep up or be left behind.

Historically, this has meant periodically paying a web developer to make improvements to your website to keep it up to date. Perhaps you want to add online new patient forms so your customers can save time in the waiting room, or maybe your Facebook account needs to be integrated into your dental website – not to mention the constant minor changes Google demands that you make in order to stay at the top of their search results.

These little changes (and sometimes big ones) can add up to huge costs, so while other companies may be able to save you a little money on the monthly hosting fees, you’ll have to pay for it eventually – and usually much more.

Great Dental Websites has taken a different approach. Included in our monthly fees are free feature upgrades for all of our customers. That’s right – each month we add new features to your website for free.

As new online services become available and Google tweaks their search engine results, or whatever else the Internet throws at you, we’re already looking into it, and it should be available for your site by the end of the month! And if there’s something you want – just ask! We constantly add features as requested by dentists just like you…  for FREE.

What To Consider When Building A Dental Website

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“Our office website has been the most effective (and cost effective) means of attracting new patients.”

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