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Can I update my website myself? Even If I don't know HTML?

Yes.  Our software is easy for anyone to update, even if you've never created or updated a website before, in fact, most of our customers have never touched a website before working with us.   Every customer receives:
  • Our "Crash Course Training" - we'll share our screen with you and show you how to make changes to the site and add content
  • Free unlimited training - stuck?  Call us and we'll share our screen and walk you through
  • Free unlimited support - completely stuck?! Contact us and we'll take care of it for you.
Additionally, our customers commonly make suggestions for new features.  Most of the time we add the feature to our platform, which means you get it too.  For free!

Can I hire you to just do SEO or work on my current website?

Unfortunately, all of our customers need to convert their website to our specialized dental website platform.  This isn't to lock you in (no contract!), but it makes our job a lot easier and your costs less expensive.  For example, one month we were able to decrease the time it takes our websites to load by 2%.  This sounds like a little thing, and it is, but Google counts page load time as a factor in SEO performance.  Little  things add up to big differences.
Unfortunately, if we had to make that change across 200 websites it would take quite a long time.   Some passwords may no longer work.  Rolling out updates like this would be constant recurring nightmare, and we roll out updates almost every 2 weeks. Instead, all of our customers use the same software platform.  Different content, same software.  So when we make a new change to improve SEO performance or add a new feature that Dentists have requested, everyone gets it for free and we only have to make the change once. This is a better way to do things, for everyone.

How does a "Divorce" work? Do I own my content?

Yes.  You own any content we create for you.  We will provide you with the Photoshop files (PSD) your design was created from and we can ZIP up your entire website into a static HTML site that can be uploaded anywhere you like.  Your domain name is your property and we treat it as such.   We've only had a few customers who have ever left our services, and some of them have returned.  We never burn bridges.

Do you have any sort of contract?

No.  We believe in aligning the economic interests of our customers with our own.  This means we have to do a good job and provide excellent value to keep you happy and keep your business.  You are free to leave our services any time, and we'll assist you with the transition to make it as painless as possible.

Can I keep my existing domain name?

Yes.  As long as you own your domain name we'll almost certainly want to use it.  In addition, we'll be launching your new website the right way - by creating "301 Redirects" for every single webpage on your old site.  This tells Google and other search engines where to find your content on the new site.  So if a potential patient clicks on a link to your old page about teeth whitening, they will seamlessly be transported to your new page on teeth whitening.