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How to Spot Online Scams with Domain Names

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We’ve had several clients reach out after receiving urgent email messages regarding the registration status of their website’s domain name. While these messages usually look like urgent invoices, they are actually online scams by fraudulent companies trying to make money by tricking practices into buying, listing, or converting their domain names. The best thing you […]

Domain Names

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A Good Domain Name Can:  Increase resale value of your practice the same way a great phone number can (Would you like to have 302-DEN-TIST, sure you would!) Increase new patient traffic to your website via search engines Reduce patient confusion with potential competitors or dentists with similar names And of course, this cuts both […]

What to Consider When Building a Dental Website

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When you’re looking to build your first Dental Website (or revamp your current one), you need to ask lots of important questions. We’ve pulled together the top 4 things you should consider when building a Dental Website: 1. How to Pick a Domain Name and Where to Buy It 2. How to Pick a Website Company […]

Dentists make mistakes when using Call Tracking Numbers – and here’s how to prevent it.

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Many Dentists use call tracking numbers on offline marketing campaigns – mailers, radio, even billboards. But often times a patient will simply visit the website instead of calling the number, and then the new patient source isn’t properly tracked. There is a way to solve this problem – vanity domain names. A lot of dentists […]

The CORRECT way to use tracking numbers to calculate ROI for off site marketing campaigns (post cards, etc)

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After discussing this with several customers who were not doing this correctly, it’s high time I made a post about this. If you’re going to do postcards or any other offline marketing, make sure you do the following to ensure that ROI tracking is as accurate as possible. 1) Tracking number 2) Tracking domain name […]

What to Consider When Building a Dental Website

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